Fever in the Heart of Eden is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Walking Dead the Survival.


Has the plague races through the city desperate measures are taken to ensure the fate of all.


Two Weeks Later.

After the previous episode we open on the city all but abandoned, the streets all but devoid of activity. An automated voice comes over the news screens in the city.

Automated news voice: We remined all citizens that quarantine lockdown is in effect. All non authorized residents caught out of their district blocks will be apprehended and detained.

A news paper blows through the street; a new addition for the new city. It flies into a lamppost showing the headline: Plague Fever sweeps city. It blows on again and we here the sound of approaching foot steps. Soldiers dressed in hazmats gear and gasmasks. They are escorting a quarantine bus.

Henderson: Listen up we go two to an apartment and run the test on each resident. No exsesive force, last thing we need is a riot. Anyone not pass the test bring them to the bus.

Soldier 1: Sir what about any real "sickos"?

Everyone present knows the meaning; walkers. Henderson responds by cocking his gun.

Henderson: Terminate them.

We then switch inside to the various homes of the survivors has the soldiers burst in.

Slade: You could have knocked.

Soldier 2: Sir remain calm and please be seasted.

Slade looks between the soldiers and knows there is no point resisting them.

Slade: Fine.... not like I was doing anything better today.

We see the surviours being examined; hand, arms and kneck scanned for any rashes or other marks. Each is given a thermomitor to check their tempreture and a soldier shines a light in their eyes looking for symptoms. Finally there is a satisfied nod from the soldiers who leave. We focus in on Moe who is busy locking his door again. He pauses at the sound of his phone.

Moe: Hello.

Karina: Moe, get to the window now.

Moe: Karina, what.....

The sound of a gun shot gets his attention and he gose to the window. Across the street he can see Adam, Karina, Nathan and James watching from their own windows. Noticing him Adam indicates to be careful in watching. Moe looks down to see all the buses are gone save one which still is in the prosess of loading the sick. We see a fight has broken out between the soldiers and some of the people being loaded; the cause a dead sickly teenager. The teen has been shot in the head but its impossible to say if they were simply sick or turned. Moe turns away from the scene and looks back to the others; Karina has her phone in hand and indicate to Moe to answer.

Moe: This is getting bad.

Karina: What was your first clue.

Moe: Heard anything from Cage and Amy?

Karina: Cage checked out fine on their sweep of his block yesterday and Tamera's bunking with Tobias and Michael after that fire in her block a few days ago.

Moe: She was lucky.

Karina nods.

Moe: And Amy?

There is silence for the moment that puts an easy knot in his chest. With Penelope and the children still MIA loseing someone else in this crisis would be to much.

Karina: Nathan saw her earlier today heading out to the hospital to work and she should be home tonight.

Moe: She's taking a big risk.

Karina: Well to be honest if I had to chose to be near the fire or locked in a cage for days on end I know what I would chose.

Moe nods weakly.

Moe: Talk after the food drop.

He hangs up and we switch to the underground medical centre where Penelope and the children were last seen. The place is a hive of activity has doctors, scientists and military personel race around.

Issac: Well this is a shit storm straight out of Pandora's box.

We see him looking into a quarantine med bay. We see scientists and doctors doing their best to treat the sick. The people looks in bad shape like a vast acting fever and some have greyish blotches on their skin. More disturbing is their bloody eyes; almost reminiscent of walkers.

Dr. Issacs: Colourful annology as ever Corpral.

The man looks up from a I-pad he seems as calm as ever.

Issac: I could use more colourful terms but lets be honest doc your little science experiment as fucked up royal.

Dr. Issacs: All new science isn't without risk, besides those who have... passed have remained dead.

Issac: Ill be sure to pass than info on to their grieving friends and family.

Dr. Issacs: Your surperiors asked my team and I to find a way to contain and ultimelty eliminate the walker threat.... looks like they should be careful what they wished for.

At that Issac grabs the man by the scruff of his collar and rams him into the window to show him the pandemonium below.

Issac: This is not a joke you ass people are dying down their and this city is turning into a fucking powder ceg.

Dr. Issacs (chcocked): May I remind you its not contagious.

Issac drops him in disgust.

Issac: For the moment doc, for all we know your pet project could pull another rabbit out of its hat and mutate into something airborne.

The doctor gives him an annoyed and dismissive look.

Dr. Issacs: So long as you can keep the quarantine there is little risk of that happening.

Issac: Maybe but you keep people penned up, take their loved ones away and not give them a good reason for it will turn ugly faster than a walker heard feeding frenzy. We've already had a few fires and a riot.

He sighs; exhaustion and anger having a field day.

Issac: Just get this under control before this city starts eating it self.

Dr. Issacs: That's the plan and I believe the answer lies with the remaining test subjects.

Issac winces guiltly at that; knowing these people are suffering and have suffered for a cause they beleived noble.

Issac: How many are left now?

Dr. Issacs: Nine and so far none are show ill effect, they should provide us with the answers we seek.

Issac: Well they better had... sooner rather than later.

Later that evening we Moe is on the roof of his block along with Slade, Cage, Michael and Tobias watching the quite streets below.

Slade: Got to love loopholes.... cant leave the building but they said nothing about being on the roof.

His attempt to lighten the mood have fallen a bit flat.

Cage: Mate a it will take a few more jokes and a lot more beer than this city holds for this situation to be anything but fucked.

Michael v.o: Keep at it though.

At that Cage does crack a smile.

Slade: Seriously how am I coming up short to a robot voice?

He laughs weakly before looking over to Moe who is deep in thought.

Slade: I asked around.... it looks like they grabbed 20 people from the block today.

Moe: And?

Slade: Well me and ninja boy here "looked into" some of these people and it looks like nine of them had been to the clinics were the "flu" shots were being given out.

Tobias: And the others?

Slade: Hard to say but not everyone keeps hold to every scrap of paper on themselves.

Moe nods, its a start and its painting an ugly pattern.

Cage: Well its a good thing the shots were voluntary before things went to shit.... if it was mandatory who knows where we might be right now.

Slade: A secret government lab, or our ashes in a deep trench somewhere.

Tobias: Neither are preferable options but it does not change the fact that a lot of people still took the shots and there are now a lot of people sick.

Cage: Or going to get sick and the meanwhile we are penned up like sheep in a field.

Moe: All the while the wolves are circling and there's fires on the horizon.

Tobias: Poetic description but I see the point in situations like this chaos is sure to follow.... we have all lived through it.

Slade: So there's been a few riots... its bad but the suits seem to have a hand on things.

Moe: For the moment, but the longer this quarantine stays up the worse it well get.....

Tobias: There here.

Moe looks over to see the other surivors gathered on the roof of the opposite block.

Moe: Michael get the board up.

The former fisherman nods and heads to the edge of the roof to pick up a white board and write on it. Cage has some binoculars handy to looks across the street. The light of the lamps below offeres just enough visability for this method of communication. Michael sticks up the board. Info: Sick from shots?

Moe: Here's hoping Amy was able to get some info.

On the other roof we see Adam holding his own binoculars who turns and motions to Amy who is writing on their own board. Once finshed she holds it up. From Cage's point of view we se: Higher ups cagy but looks that way.

Cage: Looks like we were right.

Moe: Does she have any idea where they are taking the sick?

Again the boards are used and this time we don't see the answer.

Cage: No, the info seems to be need to know though a word kept being mentioned around the hospital.... Asclepius.

Slade: Asclepius... what's that?

Tobias: God of Mediciene... could be a code for where they are keeping people... wait.

Moe: What?

Tobias: Its a stretch but I think I might know where they are.

We switch to the Los Angels County Museum of art and drift under it to what would have been the vaults for the exhibits; instead we see the underground med lab. Back with the surviors.

Slade: Its something but how do we get out to prove it? We cant fake sickness

Moe: We start a riot.