Fire Before Midnight is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Walking Dead the Survival.


Difficult choices come to ahead and the fate of hundreds come down to one simple choice.


Three Days Later

We open at the Los Angels County Museum of Art and pan down to the underground base. Things are still going on as we follow Issac has he walks through the chaos of it all looking for Doctor Issacs.

Man: Please... you have to get them off me... the rats their all over me.

He stops to let two doctors pass with a delirious man tied to a medical bed. All the soldier can do is shake his head in helpless dismay at the suffering and carry on.

Issac: I'm look for Doctor Issacs, anyone seen him.?

One of the nurses indicates a room that has been marked has a makeshift morgue/ lab.

Issac: Figures.

We follow him into the room and find the doctor in the process of analyzing a dead body. While this would be normal given the circumstance the sound of low snarling gives us pause. Following the soldier's line of sight we see a walker restrained in a cage like cell once used to hold exhibits for storage. The cell has been reinforced to hold the creature that, at the moment is feeding on a severed arm.

Issac: What the fuck is this.

The Doctor looks us and notices the soldier gasping at the walker.

Dr. Issacs: Nothing to worry about Corpral is quite secure.

Issac: Doctor given the situation the last thing we need is to add an outbreak into the mix, so either give that thing a slug to the brain or I will.

The doctor just laughs like he has been told a good joke.

Issac: I mean it dock that things a danger to everyone in this building.

Dr. Issacs: Actually its proving quite useful in my research.

He indicates the corpse he is examining has a severed arm and we realize its the arm the walker is feeding on.

Issac: I thought you were working on a cure for the vaccine.

He gets no response.

Issac: I mean it doctor, lives are at stake.

Dr. Issacs: Lives are always at stake these days, we need to focus on the bigger picture.... of ending the large threat.

The soldier is livid and looks ready to march across the room and put a bullet in the man and walker's head. The scientist however beats him to the punch with his next words.

Dr. Issacs: The flash drive on the desk....

Issac: What?

The doctor pauses in his study of the corpse, annoyed the other man is still there.

Dr. Issacs: The cure for out little pandemic, the information is simple enough for even you superiours to understand and all the nessisary instructions are their to create the antidote.

Issac is speechless but notices the date is from two days on the drive. He does not say anything though, noting the Doctor's lab and the man's unhealthy fascination with the dead body. This is something he needs to deal with in an indirect manner.

Issac: Good, looks like we can finally get this mess under control.

He leaves, and once he sure he is gone the doctor takes out his radio.

Dr. Issacs: Yes, this Doctor Issacs after the Corpral has left I am ordering a lock down of the building, no one is to enter or leave per his order.

Soldier: Yes sir.

The doctor goes back to work eyeing the snacking walker.

Dr. Issacs: Soon we shall show them that this bitter harvest weill produce the sweetest of fruits.

Outside we see Issacs about to enter his car, he is about to unlock the door when he pauses, the distinct feeling he is being watched and turns to look around the dark car park. It might be nothing but no one survives this long without developing sharp instinct and trusting them. Scanning the dark he finds nothing out of place and is about to be his gun back when an arm grab him from behind.

Cage: Evening mate.

Moe, Nathan and Slade, Karina and Tamera come out of the shadows.

Issacs: What, who they hell are you people...

Cage tightens his hold on the man so his raised voice will not draw any attention.

Moe: That's not really important right now.

Slade: Just think of us as some concerned citizens looking for answers.

Moe indicates Cage to lossen his grip somewhat for the soldier to speek.

Issac: .... How the hell did you people get out there's a curfew in place.

Tamera: Yeh I don't think your tin soldiers are going to nice a few people missing from a block... not when they have bigger fish to fry.

In the distance the sound of a low boom can be heard.

Issac: What...

Nathan: Oh don't look so concerned, just a couple of noise makers.... we needed something to keep the watchdogs busy.

Issac looks at them in disbelief, not sure to believe a supposed bluff or being impressed by their bravado.

Moe: Its amazing what a little pantomine will do to draw out those with itchy trigger fingers.

Slade: That and it help to have a few computer savy conspiracy nuts to plant some false evidence.

Issac: Bullshit.

Moe: Normally I would agree but these are desperate and dangerous times, people's judgement can slip and some of my friends are especially edgy tonight.

Cage tightens his grip again for affect and Nathan smiles darkly making it hard to tell at the moment who we are looking at.

Karina: He's been especially pissed off about being locked in a "cage" for the last couple of weeks and looking for someone to take it out on.

Moe: Bottom line my friends and I are looking for answers to this mess and you are going to give us some.

Issac: What makes you think I know anything.

Slade: Call it an educated guess, you came out of the building over the road.

Issac: So its a museum, nothing dangerous or secret about that.

Moe: Perhaps but you sir are not dressed in any way to be a worker then and its well passed hours to be vistor and a few clever friends figred this was where the sick were being taken.

He chuckles a bit at the look on the man's face.

Moe: The point is its one thing to guess at these things but its another and quite easy to confirm it when the roads are all but deserted thanks to the curfew.

Issac does not say anything but the look on his face betrays the fact Moe has guessed correctly.

Moe: Now I will only ask this once, are all the sick somewhere in that building.

Issac just nods.

Moe: Ok, are your people trying to help them or are you at the very least doing the merciful thing.

Issac: We... this was meant to help people... the shots were never meant to lead to this....

Karina: Yeh, well you cure for walkers seems to have some nast side effects.

The angry looks on these people's faces is making the soldier extreamly nervous, it might be a gambit to say this next but its better than them deciding to beat him to a pulp or worse.

Issac: Look in my jacket pocket their is a flash drive... it has information for a cure.

Slade: Yeh and I know how to turn led into gold pull the other one if you guys had found a cure you would have announced it by now.

Issac: Its true but....

Moe: But what?

Issac: It the head researcher Dr. Issacs.... he he's going off the reservation.... obsessed with finding a way to deal with the walkers permanently.... I think he might use the patients... hurt them in some way.

A silence falls and Moe looks between his group and the captured soldier. This could be a yarn but the look of concern and fear in the man's eyes is genuine enough. He gives a nod to Nathan who approaches the man and searches his jacket and quickly finds the flash drive.

Nathan: Looks legit enough.

Slade: Well it could be anything.

Moe: Go see our expert to see if this is legit.

Nathan gets what he means and it clear they are not useing their names to lesten risk of retaliation for themselves should this go south. He and Karina quickly depart into the darkness with the drive.

Slade: What about the soldier boy here?

Moe: Our way in.

Later we see Issac waling back to the entrance flanked by Cage and Moe.

Cage: Play it cool soldier boy and this wont get messy.

We see the took are dressed in dark clothing similar to the sildier's so they could pass for soldiers or extra stadd.

Issac: You don't have to do this.

Moe gives him a look to be quite has they approach the door.

Issac: I need to get back in, turns out the pencil pushes need a few more things.

Guard: Sir... I am afraid I cant do that, there has been an order for lock down.

Issac: What... on who's authority?

Guard: Y... yours sir... Dr Issacs passed on the authorization codes.

Issac: Shit... son you unlock that door right now... do not go in their but if something comes out moaning and growling shoot it on sight.

He walks back the way he came ignoring his escort and gets out his walkie.

Moe: What's going on.

Issac: Trouble... fucking trouble.

We see the inside of the med bay low light and emergency power, those with seem unconuos but its impssible to tell if their unconscious or dead.