The Court of Ashes is the sixth episode of the fifth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


In the wake of the outcome of the experiment questions need answering, but the truth may be hard to find in the mounds of the dead.


We begin the next day outside the Los Angels County Museum of Art where a full command centre has been set up. Soldiers and people in has mat suits are wondering around while other monitor and search the grounds looking for any sign of a secret way in or out for humans or infected.

Soldier 1 v.o: North perimeter clear, no sign of survivors or hostiles. Go for South.

Soldier 2 v.o: South Clear, couple of nice looking painting but that's about it.

Henderson v.o: Keep your eye on the ball Michaels, if any of those undead freaks manages to slip past us this city will be an all you can eat buffet before the day is out... east's clear, West got anything?

We see a patrol in another part of the museum grounds being led by an irate, tired looking Issac.

Issac: So far nothing, if that shit turd doctor had a bolt hole its well hidden.

No one says anything in response to the Corprol's statement but its clear from the silence Henderson and many others are not to pleased about the recent turn of event.

Henderson: This is a grade A cluster fuck.... bad enough the suits best scientist has lost the plot it takes the Scooby Gang to figure it out and bring it to out attention.

We switch to the tents where we se the gang sitting around, they may not have cuffs on but its clear from the two soldiers standing outside the tent that they are not going anywhere without permission.

Slade: Well this is new.

Karina: It could be worse, we could be locked up for breaking curfew.

Cage: Or facing a fireing squad.

Adam: Now lets not jinx things..... day is still young.

Moe shoots them all a look to quite down but he can understand their tension and apprehension. We get the impression that while this is some compromise or show of good faith it does not mean all has been forgiven and forgotten.

Tobias: So what happens next?

Tamera: Supposedly once the soldier boys have checked the place out for any bolt holes then they are going to send people into the lower levels to see what happened.... and look for survivors.

That sentence wraps everyone in an uneasy silence; the thought of the fate of Penelope and the children is something they have tried to keep at bay for awhile now but its there in the back of all their minds.

Joshua: Do... I hope they are ok.

He sighs weakly and Amy places a comforting arm on his shoulder despite the uneasy and worry evident on her own face. If she were not conforting her friend its quite clear to all present she would be a few steps away from outright panic with all the soldiers around. She is not the only one on edge though.

Nathan: Well the sooner something happens the better.

He is pacing the back of the tent like a caged tiger; its only Karina sitting near that's keeping him from turning nasty.

Moe: We shall find out soon enough what's going on but for now lets try and not use up all the good faith we won.

Slade: Was that before or after we technically abducted a military official.?

Tobias: Probably after, lets at least be thankful that flash drive he had on him contained the actual cure.

Amy nods at this.

Amy: They are fast tracking it but I heard before I clocked off last night that those they tested the antigen on who had not been rounded up for this place were showing signs of improvement.

Everyone looks surprised and revealed at that; its at the very least one less thing to worry about and offers hope that this mess will be brought under control.

Slade: Well here's to small mercy's at least.

Henderson: Don't get the champain out yet.

At the arrival of the head of security and a troupe of armed soldiers everyone tenses. Karina and Joshua grab onto to Amy and Nathan to stop one from bolting and the other from doing stupid. Henderson's attention does turn briefly to them.

Henderson: Skitish pair you got their.

Karina: Not really, lets just say the military's done neither of them to many favours since this shit started.

Nathan: Karina its ok.

She shoots him a look of concern, eyeing him in an attempt to tell which one of them is in control. He looks at her and squeezes her hand to reassure her.

Nathan: Just need to keep focused on the here and now.

She nods and turns back to the soldiers and then to Moe who is eyeing the ontorage with suspicion.

Moe: So did you find any other entrances?

Henderson: Funny, would have thought your little posse had figured it all out by now.

Its clear Henderson's pride has been wounded by this whole mess; more so that a bunch of civilians have managed to figure much of this out and get away with quite a bit under the noses of the city authority.

Cage: Look make this anint the time or place for a pissing contest....

Henderson: What you say?

Moe shoots Cage a look but the big man ignores him; he is calm but its clear he is not in the mood for any deception or evasion on the army's part.

Cage: Listen here mate, I get this is one fucked up situation and a lot of people are hurting but some of her friends might be in that building.....

His hand points to Adam.

Cage: He had to listen to a little girl's terrified phone call before she was dragged off by a government goon squad... so unless you have some answers about getting into that building go take your interagations and excuses and shove them up your ass.

There is an uneasy silence at the big man's words, even the soldiers behind their leader look wary of how their leader might respond to this show of blatent disrespect.

Slade (whispering): I think we're fucked.

Then a sound one would not expect in a situation like this; laughter. Its coming from Henderson and everyone is to stunned at the sight for a moment to respond. The man compses him self and smiles at Cage.

Henderson: Finally someone who can speak their mind... not like most of these little chicken shits.

Before he can continue the radio strapped to his leg blares to life.

Henderson: Well kiddies looks like your answer's on the way.

He indicated them to follow him and we switch over to the main command tent were several cameras and monitors have been set up. Most attention in fixed on the centre of the room with cctv of the lab showing static and the over head view of soldier cameras waiting to enter the building.

Issac: Team 1 you are ready for entrance in 10 copy.

Team Captain: Coppy that.

Issac turns to the technician.

Issac: Any luck getting the cameras back up?

Tec 1: Not yet, but motion sensors of the main wing show no signs of potential hostiles.

Issac: Keep trying and tell the team a the door to be on guard, last thing we....

He notices Henderson leading the group in.

Issac: What's this supposed to be Henderson?

Henderson: Well if I recall these people were promised the safe return of the friends so its only fair they get to see things are done properly.

Issac: I appreciate that Henderson but this is a military operation and they are not military personel.

Slade: Lighten up, we aint going to be stepping on anyone's toes or fiddling with anything.

Moe: Speak for yourself.

He indicates Michael and Adam who have scooted close to the monitors, one watching the screen while the IT tech looks like he is itching to push the tech out of the way and try and crack things himself.

Tamera: Cute, its like kids in a candy store.

Issac: If you people want to stay here I suggest you keep you people under control unless you want to be sent back to your blocks or a cell.

Moe: Michael, Adam.

Like disobedient children who have been scolded the two come back though Adam has a look on his face that get's Moe's attention. He pulls him to one side once the soldiers and techs go back to work while the others look on from a distance.

Moe: Something's troubling you.

Adam: Its the computers.... I...

Moe: What?

Adam: Well from the looks of it should have been child's play to get them back up and running.

Moe: You think something's going on? An ambush with the walkers or something like that?

Adam: No... I mean these guys are armmed to the teeth so their is no worry about walkers.

Moe: So....

The sound of warning alrarm fill the room on the screens.

Tech 1: Shit

Nathan: What's that?

The tech ignores him and types rapidly.

Henderson: What the hell is going on now.

Tech 1: Its the fail safe system.... Issacs triggered it somehow.

Issac: What?

Moe notices the man in real panicked.

Slade: When he said fail safe does he mean the explosive kind?

Issac (on radio): Team 1 evacute the entrance, fail has been tripped, I repeat fail safe has been tripped.

We briefly switch to the team who quickly bolt along with acompaning staff. Its a panic and frency and a few people get knocked about. Back in the tent everyone elese is looking freaked.

Moe: How long have we got.

Tech 1: 5 minutes maby....

The sound an explosion happenes and the tent shakes from the force has a large chunk of the museum in blown sky high.

The explosion is contained though and we fade back to the command centre covered in debris and small fires and we see everyone in the tent unconscious.

Fade to Black End .