Shadow of the Lady is the seventh episode of the fifth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


One life hangs in the balance has the groups despretly seeks answers before innocent lives are ruined and lost..


We open to a grey green point of view of someone and the sound of ringing ears. There is an oncasional muffled bang though its hard to tell if its gun shots, small explosions or the crackling of flame.

Moe: What...?

It becomes apparent we are seeing things from Moe's point of view has he comes round from the explosion. Shaking his head groggily he recacts has if struck by lighting at the touch of something on his leg. He rolls quickly into a crouch, checking himself for bites or scratches before turning to face his supposed attacker.

Cage: Easy man its just me.

Cage is crouched low and has his hands raised as if he were dealing with a wary dog. His voice is a little muffled due to Moe's hearing being a little off.

Cage: You ok?

Moe relaxes a bit at a familiar face, looking behind the big man to his fellow survivors who are either awake or coming round. The city people and the tech are in the same boat. Most people look a little shaken up while one or to people are injured.

Slade: Someone get the number of that truck.

We see Slade has a nasty gash on his head that Amy is fussing over. Near them an army medic is working on putting Tobias's arm in a sling.

Moe: Tobias?

Tobias: Just a dislocation it would seem.... (he winces a bit) fortunately the city has a good supply of pain killers and doctors.

Nathan who has been sitting next to a pale and shaking Tamera to calm her after the explosion laughs at this.

Nathan: Shit old man you take an explosion like it was a day at the beach.

Tobias: Mr Holt compared to what we have all been through in the last year and a half an explosion, getting caught on the fringes of a blast radius is a welcome change of pace.

There is an awkard silence but then a litte laugh rises from the group. Someone however does not share there sympathies.

Henderson: Your friend may be a tough old SOB but save the comedy club for later.

He is in the doorway of the tent, head wrapped in bandages and a gun slung over his shoulder. The small banging sounds in the background and now clearly heard for what they are. The sound of controlled gunfire.

Moe: How many?

The head of security looks at him silently.

Henderson: 20 in the initial blast, we got people sweeping the area for any who may turn and we are dealing with the walkers that crawled out of that hole.

Karina: I thought that Issac guy said the people who got sick from the vacciene were not turning when they died.

Henderson: Its none of them but it looks like some of the mad quacks live specimems got out of their cages.

This makes the survivors nervous, not just for Penelope and the children but also the other living souls trapped within. It would be an all you can eat buffet to the walkers.

Joshua: Shit.... they didn't get to the sick ones did they?

Henderson: It would be better to see for yourselves.

He indicates them to follow and Moe nods to Adam and Cage to follow him. The others want to follow them but Moe stops them with a look.

Moe: You guys stay here.

Nathan: Moe?...

Moe: Please it would be better for just a few of us to look and report back to the rest. Also if there are any more surpsises it will give you a chance to get yourselves and help the wounded out of here.

Joshua: Moe... you...

Tobias: Let him go... there are some things that its better for only the man in charge to see.

We switch to a hastily set up command tent where a few techs are working on some salvaged computers.

Henderson: Tell me you people finally found a way to get past that bastard's firewall without blowing us into next week?

Tech 1: Firewall isn't the problem now... its finding a CTV camera in the right room that has not been fired or melted like fondue.

Henderson: Well find one quick, we have enough surprises this week to last us the rest of the year.

The tech does not respond and continues typing has the assembled group of Moe, Henderson and Cage and Adam and a few other soldiers are watching.

Adam: This is taking to long.

Withought warning he pulls us a chair and starts typing on another keyboard next to the techs and starts typing furiously. No one stops him; Moe knows its something he needs to do to keep his mind occupied while Henderson wants things sorted reguardless of how they get their.

Cage: How long is this....

Adam: Got it...

He types a few more times and the static on the screens clear to show the inside of the main medwing.

Cage: Shit.

We see the room in fully of bodies, those of the sick are definite corpses while several former staff, now walkers mull around the large room or pick at the restrained corpses.

Moe: The explosion could not have done this.

Henderson: Dam right it did not.... that bastard Issacs went and gassed the room.

Adam: Gas... why the fuck would you people have something like that.

Henderson: Nothing like that, give us some credit, it was a sedative gas and it was supposed to be used in case of riots with large groups of new arrivals... but even a sedative can be fatal in the wring does.

The three survivors look between each other uneasily, really worried about the chances of Penelope and the children.

Henderson: Can you get a thermal scan of the lower levels, we need to check for survivors.

The tech nods and types some more and the screen view changes to a tonned out view of the building for themermal view. There are a few blooms of heat here and there from fires. There are some fainter spots stumbling around that are walkers; however in a few rooms there a various human sized blooms. This catches the attention of everyone.

Adam: Tell me those are what I think they are?

Tech 1: We have about 20 confirmed contacts... 10 others are hard to tell due to damage in the area.

Moe: Can you get a camera view of any of them.?

The tech shakes his head.

Tech 1: Sorry, the system is totally fried.

Henderson: Looks like we need a sight by sight confirmation.

He turns to leave pulling out a walkie talkie.

Henderson: Get me a line to the county general, we are going to need some ambulances and tell them to set up some quarantine wards.

Moe: Quarentine? I thought this wasnt contagious.

Adam: Considering the last few hours I don't think they want to take anymore chances.

Cage: That and who knows what other surprises could be down their.

Moe goes back to looking at the monitors, trying to determine which of the blobs are his group's three missing people. His attention is drawn to one blob in a small room that might be a supply closet or a private bathroom. It might be one person or it might be one small person crouched down.

Moe: Excuse me can you zoom in on that one area?

The tech is a bit startled at first at being addressed but quickly complies and focuss in on the area.

Cage: Moe are you thinking what I think your thinking.?

Moe does not say anything but closer on the screen no one can deny the shape does look like that of a child crouched down and holding a bundle close.

Cage: Can someone get an actual camera view in their?

Adam: It looks like a broom closest... even in the apocalypse there is not much point putting a camera in a broom closest.

Cage grunt in annoyance. None of them want to tempt fate but even a small chance like this is like dangling a juicy stake in front of a starving dog. Still this still leaves one question.

Adam: If... if it is the kids where is Penelope?

Henderson: Well that's what we are about to find out.

We see a squad of soldiers dressed in protective clothing, armed and wearing camera's on their headgear marching by off to the entrance.

Henderson: Establish a video link.

The technicians nod and after some typing the view on the screens change to those of the camera's the soldiers are wearing.

Moe: I'm going in to.

He moves to leave only to be stopped by Henderson at the door.

Henderson: No can do son, this is for authorized personel only.

Moe: Bullshit, three of my people may be down their.

Henderson: That may be, but the orders come from the top and they stand.

Adam: Yeh because the government of this place is full of good ideas.

Henderson shoots him an angry look but says nothing. His attention turns back to Moe.

Henderson: Look I get it that your pissed off by all this but this is not a simple rescue mission. For all we know there could be more than walker and a few fires down there.

Cage: You talking about other booby traps.

Henderson: Yep, and I don't mean more bombs, that Issacs was studying the virus so who knows what else is down their or he had cooking on the side.

Realisation hits the survivors at that.

Henderson: Now its clicking, last thing we are going to need is an outbreak on top of this mess.

Moe nods his head in acceptance.

Later its now evening and we see the survivors from inside building being loaded up into ambulences inside quarentine beds. We see the survivors watching the proceedings from behind a barrier; eyes peeled for any recognisible faces.

Tamera: Shit, I wish they would let us get closer... cant se squat from here.

Karina: Be patient Amy is on her way now.

We see Amy approaching and pulling off a protective mask.

Moe: Any news.

Amy indicates them over to a nearby bench.

Amy: They found the kids alive.

A feeling of relief blows through the group.

Adam: And their ok, no sickness or bites.

Amy: Their fine Adam, a little dehydred but their fine.

Tobias: What about Peneolope?

Amy's face goes grim at that.

Slade: Shit she was not....

Amy: No they did not find a walker... they did not find her at all.... in fact their are about four patients unaquinted for including that Doctor.

Everyone in silent at that.

Slade: Then where the hell are they?

We end on a feverish Penelope in an unkown location.