Blood on the Castle Wall is the eighth episode of the fifth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


A return from simple scouting mission leads to an uneasy encounter.


We open to the sun shining down on a weathered and run down petrol station that seems in the middle of nowhere. All is quite until we here the sound of approaching viechles.

Walker 1: Geasharch.

The walker of what might once have been a traveler or unfortunate survivor stumbles into view only to be run down by a heavily armoured school bus.

Slade: Oh that's gota hurt.

We see Slade, Adam, Karina, Moe and several other citizens of the city seated in the back of the bus, tired and exhausted after a long day of scrounging and scavaging in the outside world.

Adam: Just be thankful it wasn't a fresh one... last thing we need is to waste time to hose the bus down for Walker guts.

Slade: I know, man but in this post apocalyptic world I will take the entertainment where I can find it.... especially after the last week we have been through.

A pained look passes Adam's face but he quickly shrugs it off.

Adam: I'm gonna try and get a little shut eye before we get back.

He gets up and manuvers to the back of the bus which has been made into a kind of sleeping area with some bunks in place of seats.

Slade: Gezz what's it going to take to get him to crack a smile?

Moe: He knows you mean well but he's still a bit raw... we all are.

Slade: I.... I guess your right.... at least the kids are safe.

Karina: Safe yes, but I don't think Penny will be sleeping right for a long time.

Slade: Amy say if she remembers anything more about her time in that hell hole? Or any idea about where that bastard took her mother?

Karina: None at the moment though the Doctors have been keeping the official people away from talking to her... she's been through enough, last thing she needs is to be interogated by men with guns.

The group laps into an uneasy silence each in their own thoughts.

Moe: At least the medicine we retrieved today will do those who need it some good.

Slade: Who would have thought a taineted supply of "flu" shots could so much damage.

The other two give him a warning look but everyone else on the bus does not even bat an eye, either to tired or accepting of the story that was released to the public.

Karina: Jesus, Slade are you trying to get us all shot?

Slade: To be honest I am quite surprised they didn't do just that after the mess at the museum was cleaned up or at the very least locked us up somewhere.

Moe: Its tactics, really, we may have embaressed them but we exposed a larger concern; a mad man tinkering to an unkown agenda is a greater conern that a few upstart civilians.

Slade: Speak for yourself, not all of us have skills that are vital to the running of the community.

Karina: No need to sell yourself short in this world we all need a good laugh from time to time.

They all chuckle somewhat at this and settle down into silence has the bus travels on.

Moe: Few more hours and we will be back at the city.

Slade: Yeh think I might visit the kids if they are up for it.

The trio nods.

Later we are in the dark or rather under someone's sleeping eyes, they are suddenly jerked awake by the sound of a tire blow out and the bus breaking sharply.

Slade V.O: Shit.

The eyes snap open and we se it Moe haven fallen asleep in his seat, everyone else in the bus is awake and no worse for wear but do look confused by the whole thing.

Moe: What's going on?

Adam: Sounds like a tire blow out, pretty nasty once to.

Moe looks out the bus window into the evening landscape, from a weathered sighn the city is not to far away; about 2-3 miles give or take some obstacles.

Lead Soldier: Ok folks everyone out, we need people on watch while the rest of you help change the tire.

Everyone complies; they are seasoned to this world and know the sooner the task is done the quicker they will get back before nightfall and avoid any trouble. Walkers or otherwise.

Slade: Guess we are on watch then.

Moe nods and follows him off the bus and into the open air, we see Adam and Karina head off in a different direction has several other groups of two's and three's head off around the bus. A small group remains behind to sort out the bus it self. Something gives Moe pause.

Moe: What's that?

He indicates to Slade something draped over the road from where the bus came. It looks like a twisted bit of metal wreckage or at the very least a weird art sculpture.

Slade: Looks like some debries....

Man 1: Hey you two get back to your post I don't want any walkers sneaking up on us.

Slade: Sure thing... (under breath) ass.

Moe: He is right but that.....

Slade: Come on man its probably nothing, sometimes a little bit of coincidence is just that.

Moe still looks concerned.

Slade: Besides after the shit we have been through I think a little bit of random bad luck is overdue and might even be a little refreshing.

Moe just nods silently and unholsters his weapon has the two take up their position near an abandoned, overturned car. Has a precausion Slade checks the inside and gives the boot a good kick and waits.

Slade (to himself): Never can be to careful.

When there is no response from the boot he jimmies it open with a crow bar. We dont se the content at first but his eyes light up.

Slade: Score.

Moe, still keeping an eye on the horizon for anything threatening smile a bit knowing Slade has more than likely found some "contraband" of somekind. This is confirmed when we se him stuffs a box cigars into his bag.

Moe: I thought you had a job at the club now?

Slade: I do, still there is nothing wrong with making a little extra money on the side..... smokes like this are hard to come by these days.

He chuckles a bit. The relaxed moment is interrupted by the sound of gunfire; normaly tuned out has someone taking down a walker or to but this is to rapid and frantic. In other words trouble.

Slade: Shit.

He is about to rush back to the bus but Moe stops him.

Moe: Lets do this carefully, we don't know what we are running into.

Slade nods and the two men head off.

Back at the bus we se somekind of ambush has occurred, several dead bodies on those on the bus are littered around along with dead attackers. Weather on purpose or lucky co incidence the bodies have head shots to avoid "problems". This does not change the fact that bus group is outnumbered. All the scouts save Moe and Slade are lined up with the rest of the group on their knees, hands on their heads has several armed men point gun at them. Figures can be seen inside the bus but its impossible to tell who they are.

Man 1: Now I am only going to ask you shit heads once, give us the location of you homebase and you get to see another day.

Lead Soldier: Fuck you.

The soldier is pistol whipped by one of the men.

Lead Soldier: It will be you funeral... our guys will cut you to ribbons you fucking rats.

Man 1: Your balsey, but all the bluffing in the world wont save you.

He looks to the bus.

Man 1: Find anything useful?

Two men leave the bus while a third hops out the back with quite a bit of scavenged supplies.

Man 2: Just some choice meds but nothing to indicate a camp.

Lead Soldier: Your just a bunch of scavenging rate.

The first man point his gun into the crowd of survivors, it stops on Karina.

Man 1: Why dont you boys see if this lovely lady is in a talking mood.

With out needing a word the two men grab Karina and start to pull her to the bus, their intention is clear.

Adam: Leave her alone you....

One of the thugs hits him over the back of the head.

Man 1: Don't worry your little head, if your loudmouth soldier is in a sharing mode we wont touch a hair on her head.

Adam looks to the soldier's who's face is unreadable. Adam looks desperate and pleading to the man... after everything that has been happening he cant stand by and see someone else get hurt.

Adam: For fuck sake just tell them something.....

Its not another hit or even an attach that silences Adam but the sound of Karina struggling in the bus.

Man 2: Hold still Bitch.

There is a sound of someone being hit. Adam's face betrays the most horror.

Adam: Its Los Angeles... we are in Los Angeles now... please let her go.

There is a tense silence, the lead soldier look at Adam in anger while the other prisoners look in sympathetic understanding. But rather than look impressed the lead thug looks at Adam in disbelief.

Man 1: Ill give you something for trying to save your little bitch in there but everyone knows the city's are a fucking death trap.

He turns his attention back to the lead soldier. What no notices though is things in the bus have gone quite. They are to caught up in the drama in front of them to really notice much.

Man 1: Now one last time where.....

He cant finish before a shot is fired through his temple.

Everyone is momentarily stunned to react. The Guards look around confused before another shot is fired picking off the further guard this one apparent from the bus. The prisoners use the confusion to attack, pulling the bandits with guns to the ground and grabbing their own weapons and fighting back. The thugs are try to fight back but the survivors have confusion and surprise on their side. Inside we se the two on the floor their throats slit and blade sticking out of their skulls. Moe in cradling a beaten and roughed up Karina while Slade watches the carnage from the window and gives more covering fire with his gun.

Slade: Take that you ass hole.

From his point of view we se things are in the survivors favour now.

Slade: That was to close for comfort.

Moe: I know.... (He holds Karina closer) we need to get her back soon.

They nod to each other.

Slade: Then figure out where those asshole came from and hope their are no more.