Argument for War is the ninth episode of the fifth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


In the wake of an attack some recover while others receive an interesting offer.


We open in a hospital room back in the city, the sun in shinning and outside we can here the normal sounds of the city going on with its daily routine, this is slowly intercut with the sounds of hospital monitoring equipment.

Penny v.o: Is she going to be ok?

Slade v.o: Of course she will kid.

Despite the assurance in his voice their is an edge of uncertentiy in the man's voice that the child picks up on. We soon see we are in a hospital room; Karina's to be precise. She seems to be asleep.

Penny v.o: Slade, you don't have to lie to make me feel better, if Karina's not feeling better Toby and I can come back later... Amy can bring us to se her.

We switch to outside the hospital room has Karina starts to stir. We see Slade along with Nathan, Amy and the children. Nathan is sitting and looking uneasy has he wrestles with his emotions. Amy is dressed in normal clothing; not being on shift at the moment and sitting with Toby in her arms next to Nathan. Slade is when Penny on the opposite side of the hall in their own chairs.

Slade: Kid, she's ok just some minor cuts and bruises and a bump on the head they needed to stay in overnight to be safe.

The sound of movement catches there attention. Amy reacts, gently moving the baby to Slade has she heads for the door. Nathan is shadowing behind her only for her to turn to him.

Amy: Nathan... maby its best if I go in alone first.

Nathan: Don't.... I need to see her... to see that she....

Amy: Nathan they checked when she was admitted the bastards didn't get that far with her Moe and Slade good so you don't have to worry about that.

He remain silent but she can se worry and storm of emotions in his eyes. For anyone else something like this happening to someone they care about is hell enough but given his condition its an extra stain. Frankly its impressive he has not given over to his other given the stress. Still Amy knows she needs to ease the situation for all of them.

Amy: Look I will go in first and if she is up for visitors then you can all come in... if not just me and the kids.

Penny: Why not Slade and Nathan?

The adults share a look; despite the horrors of this world there are some things they don't want the girl to find out at her age.

Amy: She's probably going to be a little groggy from the medicine sweety, best not crowd her.

Penny gives the adults a look but descides not to press and nods silently. Amy nods to the others and heads in.

Elsewhere we are in the park and we see Moe on break from his work and sitting on a park bench with a few sandwitchs and waiting around for someone.

Issac v.o: This seat taken?

Moe jerks in surpises at the sight of the apparently high ranking member of security. He looks around sharply, both for a way out and for those he was expecting to turn up.

Issac: Relax your people are fine.... just detained with complications at work.

Moe gives him a suspicious glance. Given what has transpired these past few weeks this is either an honest statement or a cryptic message that something has been done to his friends and now he is next. The other man seems to guess his thoughts.

Issac: Like I said you need to relax mate your friends are safe.

Moe: Given the last couple of weeks you will forgive me if I am on my guard.

The other man chuckles, not even bothering to hide his gun. Moe does notice to men standing near the entrance to the park; obviously to stop him from bolting.

Moe: Allright if we are going to do this can we make this quick.

Issac: You misunderstand, Mr. Alkwar....

Moe: Just Moe.

Issac:.... Ok Moe, lets just get one thing clear if the city wanted you and your friends gone or dead it would have happened by now.

Moe: Then what do you want?

We switch back to outside Karina's hospital room. With the three waiting to be allowed to go in.

Nathan: This is taking to long.

Slade: Dude its only been 5 minutes, I am sure everything is fine... that she is fine.

Nathan: She was attacked there.....

Other Nathan: You should have slit there throats and let them bleed out.

Slade looks up alarmed; eyes moving to the children and back to the soldier who is sitting there with a dark smirk. There attention is drawn back to the door has Amy emerges.

Amy: She's ready, and she want to see us all.

Slade looks back at Nathan who is thankfully is back to himself and has a relieved smile on his face.

Slade: Well lets go in then.

He hands the baby over to her sister has she and Nathan go in. Slade hangs back for a bit to talk to Amy.

Slade: We just dodged a bullet back there.

Amy's eyes widen a bit at that but she says nothing at first.

Amy: She's putting on a brave face.... but seeing him will probably help them both.

Slade nods and walks into the room.

We then switch back to the park and see Moe looking at some pictures that have been handed to him.

Moe: I don't see how this has got anything to do with finding Penelope and the others.

He pushes the pictures back to the other man and they seem to be surveillance pictures; his face is blank but his eyes show mild irritation at the fact these people have yet to find one of his one people that they have got into this mess.

Issac: I understand your frustration but I must assure you that everything is being done to locate your friend, however this is a big city and we have many other matters to sort out to keep it running.

Moe: That's a political response not a definite answer.

Issac: It also a fact but I can assure you were are looking for your friend and Doctor Issacs, the good doctor pissed off plenty of people and they want him brought to justice.

Moe: Always risky putting you faith in lunatics.

Issac: I can say the same about you and your friend Mr Holt.

Moe: Nathan's demons are little concern to the saty of this city.

Moe gives the man a look that says he is not impressed with one of his people being threatned but he noted the man's reaction to his words.

Moe: I see.

Issac: See what?

Moe: I may not be Tobias or hell even Michael but hang around those two long enough and you learn a bit of how to read people.

Issac: Well if that's the case I wont be inviting you to any Poker matches anytime soon.

Moe: That and I have a gut feeling that ambush our bus ran into wasn't a one off.

Issac:... There were six others that day.... two teams suffered major causalties but they managed to make sure those sons of bitches did not get away anything useful or compromising.

Moe: But that's not's worrying you is it.

Issac is silent so Moe continues looking at the pile of pictures and connecting the dots.

Moe: Someone's trying to test this place and pick a fight and you know where they are so why don't you blow them out of the water.

No answer.

Moe: But you don't want to tip your hand.... you want us to do something covert.

Issac: Not exactly.

He pushed the photos back including one we don't see yet.

Issac: You and your frinds have been out in that world for a long time, and you know this place well now.

Moe: We are not assassains.

Issac: That's not what we want, we have enough to worry about in this world without starting a war.

Moe raisies an eye in curiosity

Moe: What do you need from us.

Issac: How do you and you friends fancy doing a little diplomacy mission?