City of Fallen Angels, part 2
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date November 30, 2012
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 4: City Of Fallen Angels, part 1
Episode 6: Blood of innocence
 Episode 5 of Survival deals with the revelation that anyone who dies comes back has a walker and the ultimate fate of Phil's leadership.


The stand off is still on with Moe and Salvatore pointing guns at a disarmed Phil no one has said anything and things are tense. Phil then starts egging the two on saying they don't have the stones. Corey steps in trying to calm things down saying they have bigger problems since the dead know where they are and sooner or latter they are going to find a way in. Eventually things calm but Salvatore suggests they handcuff Phil for their safety and people agree.

While people look around they discuss what they saw with Nathanial. Theories rage between Slade and Willy from bio terrorism to aliens but one thing is clear its not just the bites. Millie finds a van in the garage normally used for charity that could accommodate all of them and it has enough fuel to get them out of the city. They all gather supplies and load up, while Salvatore, Slade and a reluctant Phil are chosen to open the garage door and distract the walkers. It works and the van drives off and the three give chase with Mark and Lauren hanging out the back to pull them in Slade makes it but has Salvatore and Phil are being pulled in Phil deliberately nudges trying to send Salvatore out into the approaching walkers. The others see whats happening but cant do much without risking themselves. Phil tries again but Salvatore twists his body at the last second causing Mark to lose hold of him and send him tumbling out of the van and breaking his ankle. He tries to get up to follow them but cant catch and the walkers are approaching. Lauren says they should go back but Salvatore overrules her pointing out Phil was dangerous and she saw what he was trying to do. Mark reluctantly agrees saying he was to dangerous to lead them. They close the van driving off in silence leaving Phil to his fate.