Welcome to the New World is the tenth episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


Setting foot on land once more the searching surviors find themselves in a familiar if alien world.


We open on the deserted street of the city near the harbor from the previous episode. All is quite and it seems like a city out of some nuclear war zone.

Henderson V.O: Keep the perimeter tight I don't want to see any possible sniper points missed.

We here a buzzing noise and see the street through a camera's view hovering above the street.

Technician v.o: Switching to thermal.

The camera turns to thermal views and we se a few images of what might be people in some of the buildings eyeing the windows.

Henderson v.o: Well its safe to say the locals know we are here, so you guys might want to tread carefully.

We switch to Moe, Tamera, Slade and a few soldiers from the ship in a corner alleyway. Everyone is tense and alert to their surroundings for any threat.

Slade: So how do you suggest we introduce ourselves because I left all my language dictionaries back on the boat.

Some of the soldiers are cocking their guns and testing their sights but no one says anything.

Tamera: Seems like they have all the answers we need.

She see's the look on Moe's face.

Tamera: Moe, I am all for diplomacy but... its not like we have a reference point to go with here.

The sound of something wising through the air gets their attention and the clunk of mental against metal has something hits the drone.

Slade: Shit, looks someone made the first move before us.

They look up to se the winged drone flying backwards to the harbor.

Tamera: Looks like we are on our own then.

Moe: That has not stopped us before.

He has started to move into the opening.

Tamera: Moe?

Moe: Cover me ok?

He receives no response except a nod and the cocking of weapons.

Slade: Never seen a guy so eager to make friends.

Tamera: Or get shot.

They smile weakly and get into position with the soldiers has Moe walks into the open, keeping his weapon holstered and hand raised to show he means to harm.

Moe: If someone's out there, we mean no harm and we are not looking for trouble.

Silence, only the wind whispering through the streets and the od creek of door of long abandoned buildings. Moe looks calm but even he can not hide the bead of sweat that runs down his face at being open and exposed like this.

Moe (muttering) : If there's no one...

A blare from a megaphone fills the air.

Voice: Put all your weapons on the floor now!

Moe: I said we mean no harm....

A gun shot echos out and we se the ground in front of Moe's feet causing him to jump back slightly. He quickly complied but also keeps his hands low to signle the others not to act just yet.

Tamera: What the fuck is he playing at.

Slade: Diplomacy apparently.

They look at each other before back to Moe who has finished removing all his weapons and placing them across the ground in clear view for all to see. Now there is silence save for the wind whipping up.

Tamera: I don't like this, its like a shooting gallery out there.

Slade: Yeh and we have no clue who's on the other end.

Before they can continue the sound of something approaching gets everyone a tad on edge. Its not threatening but its a sound many have not heard since long before this all began.

Slade: Is that what I think it is?

He dares to peek from the vantage point they are in to see a group of people approaching on horseback. The are dressed in thick leathers and home made armor with rifles and javelins on their backs. All six's face are obscured in improvised masks and headgear.

Tamera: Looks like we walked into an Apocalypse renisaunce fair.

She notes the other soldiers look tense but signals them to be still and only act if need be. Last thing she wants is Moe being made into swiss chesese. They need to see how this will play out and they can not be certain These people don't have snipers of their own.

Slade: Here's hoping no one's got ichy trigger fingers.

We switch back to Moe who stands still has two riders dismount. One, clearly the leader talks to those on horseback for a moment before approaching with their taller companion who flanks them like a guard. They approach Moe who stands firm, trying to look approachable but firm.

Woman: You came from the boat yes?

Her voice is muffled but a French accent is apparent has she removes her mask to reveal a dark haired woman with stormy blue eyes.

Moe: Yes.

Woman: You are frank boatman I will give you that much. Brave to but then again a man who comes out alone must have angels with steel watching his back in the world today.

Moe's face reveals nothing but he scans the area behind in search of a spy of a sniper that might hit him or his friends.

The man next to the woman mutters something in a language we cant make out. The woman listens and nods in silence.

Woman: Dimitri says you are no the first boat to come this way but the first to follow the Russian one.

That gets Moe's attention his eyes widen a fraction but enough for the woman to notice. She says nothing but, listens to her friend.

Woman: He also says anyone follows them must be working with them or.... has an axe to grind, especially when they come so armmed.

Moe licks his lips trying to chose his words carefully.

Moe: We have had dealings with people who are connected to them and it cost us.... we are also looking to reclaim certain... important people taken from us.

There is a tense silence before the woman smiles turning to her allies to yell something in French. There is a mumble and the group rides off back the way they came. Its only the fact they have not acted hostile and Moe's sharp look to his friends and the soldiers keep them in line.

Moe: What did you tell them?

Woman: I told them to head back to camp and prepare a welcome for our guests.

Moe looks at her with suspicion.

Woman: Don't look so wary Boatman, even in days like this I would like to think French hospitality is alive and well.

Woman: Brigit

She offers her hand and Moe takes it.

Moe: Moe, I think we have a lot to discuss.

Brigit: Yes and bring your friend their is plenty at camp for all.

Moe gives a signal and the other come out cautious but optimistic about potential new allies.