Fire at the Edge of Eden is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


Closing in on the answers the surivors learn their enemies have a shocking end game should their rescue plans fail.


Three days later

We open on what looks like a serveilance view of a power plant; possibly electrical or nuclear. The thing that really catches the eye is the level of protection that is obvious to all in the image. From the viechles and people it looks like a small army is there.

Bridgit: This is the place.

Things pull back to reveal the image is coming a projector displayed on a makeshift screen in the centre of the stadium which has been converted into a meeting area of sorts.

Brigit: Now I am certain you all have questions.

We see she is on the stage in front of the image with Moe, Henderson and a few others from the boat sitting to the side like judges at a contest.

Henderson (muttering): Yeh how did this go from a recue mission to a bloody NATO summit.

Moe: Somehow I don't think these people would ever have been accepted into NATO under the old world.

Henderson: Just keep taking notes on them, the big wigs back home may have agreed to this little venture but....

Moe: I know... we don't want to end helping a worse threat that may turn around to bite us in the future.

Man: Yeh I have a question...

His voice cuts through the men's words putting them on the spot with everyone looking at them.

Man: How can we be sure these guys are legit and not another trick from the Russian quacks.

The man is young, probably just out of his teens and dressed in a mix of leathers and repurposed sports gear to make armour. At first glance you would think him a heckler but the look in his eyes says he has seen more in his short life than most thanks to the plague.

Brigit: I understand your concern Jackson but you have all seen the photos and our recordings of the boat's arrival ans she is definatly American.

Jackson: Well its not like anyone is keeping an eye on where they parked their boats these days.

Henderson: You want to come over here and discuss things kid then step on up.

Jackson gets up, pulling from his back what looks like a stick at fist but we quickly see its something else. At one point it might have been a hocky stick but now its only that in basic shape. Its been customized into a poleaxe like weapon, the dry blood on it showing its seen battle.

Jackson: Your funeral old man.

Before anything can happen both parties are held back; Henderson by Moe and Jackson by two other leaders.

Woman: Easy Jack... I know this is a strange situation but if there is a chance it might be true....

Jackson: Come on Eliza you can not be serious.... those Russians made off with half your camp's medical supplies and tech.

Eliza a former med student wearing a leather coat and a belt with a mix of surgeon materials and weapons making her look like a weird mix of medic and warrior flinches for a moment but remains firm.

Jackson: And Conner, those bastard's took your sister... she was only a kid.

Conner, an older man whose face is scarred by what we can only guess was some form of torture lets go only to sign quickly. His aide a young man named Mason speaks for him.

Mason: He says stop being an ass an listen for once.

More signing.

Mason: We have all lost something.... some of us more than others but that is no excuse to take it out on everyone else.

Jackson still, tears in his eyes and we realize whatever happened it was personal and cost him greatly. Moe looks at him with pity but uncertainty also. Last thing they need is a lose canon involved in something like this.

Brigit: Do you need a moment.

He is silent before steading himself.

Jackson: I'm good lets get this over with, ive got a lot of little ones to look after.

Brigit nods and turns back to the screen before giving the signal to someone and the slide changes to show a set of surveillance pictures.

Moe: Those look like launch pads.

We see they are indeed launch pads.

Henderson: And why do I get the feeling those wont be launching standard misiles.

Everyone is uneasy at this and Moe has a feeling why.

Moe: They said they were looking for a cure.... but this feels more like a weapon.

Eliza: Shit nothing the walker virus was an unkown from day one who knows what would happen if they start tinkering with it.

Jackson: Killing zombies was easy enough with out a bunch of mad scientists getting involved... all they managed to do is get a lot of good people hurt....

Mason: And given their underhanded techniques I doubt they will share any answers.... at least not in a way that will beifit others.

Eliza: Agreed, there is no way of knowing what kind of impact this will have on living people but if what our friends from overseas have told us it could turn ugly fast.

Henderson: That right there is the understatement of the century still last thing anyone needs in this world is a new WMD to make life more complicated.

Brigit: Agreed which is why that place must me wiped off the map.

Moe: Wait a second what of our people... can we even be sure they are there.

Brigit nods again to the slides and we change again to one that while grainy shows what looks like people being moved in special containment beds reserved for infectious dieses into a nearby building in the complex. There is a small contingent of soldiers following them.

Jackson: Lots of guards for normal sick people.

Everyone nods at this.

Moe: So I guess then its settled, we provide the weapons, you the local knwlegde and added man power.

Henderson: No arguments here, the folks back home will be all on board for sending anything extra once all this over.

Brigit: Well that is the first bit of good news we have in some time.

The faces of the other leaders concer with that and despite the speed of everything even Moe allows a small smile at the unity of single cause has brought then with these people from across the water.

Brigit: Now... let us go over the details thouroughly

The slide changes again to the first one again.

Moe: Yes in a week this mission must go off with out a hitch.