Sunset on Sanctuary is the first episode of the sixth season of Walking Dead the Survival.


Exploration of an enemy stronghold is the beginning of answering questions and the start of an epic journey.


We open at the cannery that Moe and some of the others explored in the previous season. All is eerily calm and quite.

Soldier 1: Bravo One, over, premiter looks quite.

Issac v.o: Copy that Bravo one, maintain position until the all clear is given.

We pull back to see Issac and several army personel in a make shift base of operations. Camera's show the head set view of various soldiers setting up a permiter and exploring the place Soldier 1 v.o: Copy that, though from the looks of things people cleared out in a big hurry.

Issac is silent looking at the abandoned cannery over the montitors for any clue or sign of where Issacs and his people have gone. Also where they might have taken the prisoners.

Tech: Sir we are getting a message through from Foxtrot 1 it sounds important.

Issac: Put him through.

We switch to the insider of a room inside the Cannary that looks like it was converted into a tech room of some kind. The place is a mess and looks like people cleared out in a hurry. Many of the computers are smashed or shot up.

Issac v.o: Report

We see Foxtrot one a young female soldier in the room looking around and alert for any danger. In the background more of her team are at work going thought the computers for anything salvageable or dealing with left over traps.

Foxtrot 1: Lot of computer tech here sir smashed to shit.... looks like whatever they were working on here they did not want anyone finding out.

Issac v.o: Anything salvageable?

Foxtrot 1: Hard to say but it looks like things were destroyed in a rush... we might get lucky.

Issac v.o: Well you better hope you can find something the higher up in the city are pissed that these people managed to make such fools out of us.

Foxtrot 1: Sir....

Issac realizes he has just voiced his frustrations allowed to the soldier and everyone in the command centre.

Issac v.o: You head me solder just find something, understood?

Foxtrot 1:.... Understood sir.

We switch back to the command base with people either working or looking uneasily at Issac.

Issac: That goes for the rest of you lot, these aseholes made fools of us all and kidnapped people from right under our noes and that will not stand.

He slams a fist on the table.

Issac: So find me something, I don't care how small, if you think it's important bring it to me ASAP.

People nod in stunned silence, so use to seeing the man being calm and collect in a crisis that this has startled them. Still they know not to question him and get to work.

Issac turns to look back to the monitors.

Issac (under breath): Never been much of a preying man but if your up there we could really use a little help right about now.

We switch to another part of the facility to the sounds of weak stuggling and snarling.

Woman: Help, please someone,

Soldier 1: Did you here that? We see a young woman in a makeshift cell pushed has far as possible in a corner, she looks exhausted and on the verge of collapse but the sounds of stuggling and snarling keep her altert despite her exhaustion. She is further perked up by the sounds of the soldier's voice.

Woman: In here please, please hurry.

We here the sounds of boots running to the room and a door being kicked down. Two soldiers run in a we see there view of the scene.

The young woman in the far corer of the cell looks at them hopefully and we all see a young man in the other far corner holding a bed against a pinned walker.

Soldier: Call it in.

His companion nods and runs off with a radio while the soldier approaches and takes aim at the walker through the mesh.

Soldier: Get back both of you now.

She nods and the man jumps back quckly has does the young man. We switch back to Issac who looks more annoyed and haggered; every second with no answers raises more questions and increases the pressure on the man. While the recent events in the city were nothing extreamly serious they are still troubling.

Tech: Sir we just received word from Delta team, they have some survivors.

Issac: Stragglers

Tech: No they seem to be prisoners, apparently these assholes decided to leave a walker to do the job for them.

Issac: Have they been bitten?

Tech: unlear at the moment but prelim examination looks good.

Issac: Get them checked out and sent back to the city ASAP.

Tech: Sir?

Issac: Yes I know their are protcolls but we need intel now.... look tell Henderson to put them under armed guard until we are ready to talk to them.

The tech nods and heads off to relay orders while Issac goes to make a call of his own.

We switch over to Moe's apartment where the man is seated and reading when his phone rings. He looks up surprised but from the composure of his expression it is clear this is a call he has been expecting.

Moe: Hello

Issac V.O: Moe, I think we have some answers on the way.

Moe is silent for a moment but nods.

Moe: Then I need to starting making some calls of my own now.