The Lot of Chance is the second episode of the sixth season of the Walking Dead the Survival.


With the revalation of a serious threat difficult choices must be made for the safety of the community.


We open in someone's point of view, groggy and blurry has they come to. Their vision is white and we hear the rhythmic sound of monitors beeping pleasantly in the background.

Woman: What.... where?

We see it is the woman who was rescued from the cell in the canary. She has been cleaned up and is in a hospital gown with an Iv drip for fluids in her arm. Seeing the drip she panics and tries to pull it out.

Amy: Hey, don't do that.

Her attention is drawn to Amy who has just entered the room with fresh blankets and supplies. In any other situation the presence of a nurse would calm things but to no one would last this long without developing healthy suspicion.

Woman: What is this place.... Where... where is my brother?

She stops and shudders shaking off a wave of grogginess.

Woman: What... what are you doing... what's in the...

Amy carefully approaches, wary of the woman acting up but keeps both arms up to show she means no harm. There is not much the woman can do but one cant be to carful.

Amy: Its just fluids and some sedatives, our doctors examined you both when you arrived, you had a bad case of exhaustion and dehydration.

She looks at Amy suspisiously.

Amy: Look, I know you have every reason not to trust me but your brother is in the next room, I can take you to him if you like?

She looks at her again with suspicion but relents.

Amy nods and we see her move her lowered arm in a way that indicates someone to back off. Out of the woman's sight we see a pair of soldiers standing to attention incase the patient should become violent.

Amy: Ok, lets get you into something a little less revealing.

We switch over to a meeting room; it impossible to tell where we are in the city but from the security and people in suits its obvious its important and those involved are high in the city's government.

Henderson: These are the files that were recovered from the drives that were salvageable....

We see that he is at the from on the room giving the briefing to the officials. In the far back of the room we see Moe watching silently with Issac.

Henderson: There was not to much left of note except for these.... play it.

The room goes dark and we see a projection screen come on, its blurry at first but soon a slide is shown. It looks like a war ship of some kind, pristine and ready for battle.

Henderson: This is where our waywood Doctor's friends came from and where they seemed to have likely fled.

The next slide shows a view from the deck of the ship and in the corner we can see a name on the side of the ship.

Offcicial 1: That looks like Russian.

Henderson nods

Hendrson: Good eye, our experts gave us a translation, this big beast is known as the Gamayun and name aside she is definetly not a local in these waters.

There is an uneasy murmur in the crowd; even Moe is an uneasy, not from fear of the unkown but more the revalation of life outside the country. Issac seems to sense Moe's thoughts and gets a similar feeling from the other ocupants of the room.

Issac: I was under the impression the rest of the planet was still dark.

People turn to face the Government agent with guarded faces must ugly in the low light. Moe gets the feeling this is something that has some up before but saves his anger for. He may have taken this place as his home but his duty is first and for most to his "family".

Official 2: Has of last year, there have been no contacts from the rest of the planet.

Henderson (Muttering): That you know of, (Normal tone) we are in the fucking stone age when it comes to communication tech these day.

Issac: What about anything on the satelites.?

Moe perks up a bit at that but remains quite. Henderson however looks annoyed.

Henderson: Well aside from figuring out who's is on what side of the planet who still has a pulse and deal with what we do know.

Everone gets quite and Henderson gives a nod for the slide to change again. We see the image of a dossier file.

Moe: What is Project Lazarus?

We switch back to the hospital in a day room. Its a nice scene with patients and staff going about their business. The only out of place thing is the two guard on the door.

Man: Is this really nesicary?

We see the other rescued prisoner sitting by the window watching the guards in uneasy humor.

Karina: Oh don't mind them, new people make them twitchy.

Karina is sitting in a seat opposite the man, from the bandage on her arms and clothes it seems she has been here for some form of check up.

Man: Seriously though, this a nice set up but men with guns in a hospital is a bit of overkill even in a world this fucked up.

Karina: Hey at least these guys are trained and not shooting at every little thing that moved or pisses them off.

She gives him a frank look, before the man can respond the nearest door swings open and a voice cuts in.

Woman: Henry.

We see the female patient and Amy walk in, the woman half stumbles, half runs to her companion and embraces him in a tight hug. The woman in half crying from joy and relief and seeing her brother again.

Henry: Hey Mads, it's ok, it will take a lot more than a bunch of Russians and a dislocated arm to keep me down.

They both chuckle a bit at his use of that statement. In the background Karina has rejoined Amy to allow the two a private reunion.

Karina: This kind of thing never gets old.

Amy nods with a sad smile.

Amy: Her name's Madeline, she.... she and her brother through a lot of hell since this started. They are all each other has.

Karina nods and puts a sympathetic arm on her friend's shoulder; understanding all to well her loss of her entire family.

Karina: You ok?

Amy: Yeh.... it still hurts from time to time.....

Karina: I know, but your not alone any more and neither are they.

Amy: True but.... what they know.... I am not to sure their stay start smoothly.

Back in the meeting room we see things have reached a climax in the presentation and an uneasy, somber silence has filled the air. Its clear something big has been purposed.

Official 1: What you are suggesting.... its....

Official 2: Complete madness

Henderson: Hey in a world where the dead are not content to stay in the ground I think the definition of Mad changed a long time ago.

He looks at the officials with a hard face. His eyes briefly glance at Issac and Moe.

Henderson: Besides these guys have proven they are not dicking around and though fragmented the content of the file are a tad disturbing to say the least.

Official 1: But they are fragmented; what did the prisoner you rescued have to say.

Henderson: Not much on site but enough to know some pretty weird shit was going down there.

He shakes his head.

Official 2: Have they given you anything more concrete that heresay.

Issac: We are letting them rest for now, they have been through one ordeal the last thing they need is to feel like condemned prisoners.

Official 1: Still we can not sanction such a venture without all the facts.

Henderson: Well get them sooner rather than later because you cant bet every life in the city those people will be back an back in force.

He is silent again

Henderson: Because if they are really trying to harness and god forbid weaponise the Walker virus we need to act first.

Official 2: But going public with such knowledge.... what we would be asking people would be met with panic... could destroy everything we have built here.

Moe: Being silent would make it worse.

Eyes turn to Moe

Official 1: You understand what is being suggested is a at best a wild goes chase and at worse a suicide mission.

Moe: Perhaps but there are to many unkowns out there to ignore this and as much as I disagree with your head of security he is right about one thing.... those people will be back.

He indicates to the door.

Moe: We may all see this place as a refuge, a city, a home but as far as those people are concered we are stock of lab animals waiting to be experimented on.

People are silent taking in his words.

Moe: Tell the public, but more importantly give them the choice to fight for this place because if you don't we will dead before the enemy fires a single shot.