Blood on the Water is the third episode of the sixth season of the Walking Dead the Survival.


Chasing after their missing friend the survivors soon find that traveling on the ocean is no less dangerous in a world ruled by the dead.


Three weeks Later

We open in the middle of the Ocean on a sunny day. At first its hard to tell where we are has all is quite save the sound of the gulls and the waves.

Walker: Glach arch ahh.

A walker; water logged and half eaten by sharks drifts into view clinging onto the remains of some long sunken boat. It is impossible to tell who it was in life or how long its been in the water.

Slade: Poor bugger.

We see Slade watching the creature through binoculars.

Slade: Shame we are not close enough an then someone could put him out of his misery.

Amy: Yeh but some how I don't think this boat is going to stop for every little mercy kill and they are saving the big guns for more important matters.

We pull back and see the two of them standing on the deck of a small navy ship that is plowing through the wave. It looks as if they are on watch and we pan down across the deck of the ship to see its crew. Said crew seems to be a mix of sodiers and civilan volunteers. We catch a quick glance of Adam, Tamera, James and Joshua at work at various posts.

Amy: I still, feel uneasy about this... splitting up....

Slade: Hey it was Moe's call and he has a point.

Amy: I know but... after all we have been through.... I still think some of the other would be better off....

Slade: Look all of volunteered....

Amy: I know its just....

He puts a hand on her shoulder.

Slade: I get it your scared... shit I don't there is anyone on this boat who is not on some level and if they say otherwise they are lying though their teeth.

He smiles at her.

Slade: But I tell you what we were all picked for a reason, and Moe chose the others to stay behind for a reason.

Amy is silent for a moment but its obvious Slade's words are having an affect of chasing away her worries for now.

Amy: When did you get to wise?

Slade: Must be the sea air.

They both chuckle and get back to work keeping watch.

Elsewhere we see Moe in a private communication room on the ship; it looks as if it has been set up for keeping in touch with those back home.

Moe: So how is everyone fairing back on dry land?

We see he is talking to Tobias on a web camera.

Tobias: As well has can be expected.... I wont lie to you Moe some of them are still angry about your choice.

Moe grits his teeth. It is apparent there is more behind the choice to split the group on this mission than Moe wants to say.

Tobias: Look I dont have long to talk, what with them rationing call time but you don't have a good poker face and lets leave it at that for now.

He leans back on the chair knowing that Moe wants an answer to his first question.

Tobias: Well Karina's is on the mend now... who knew couples' therapy had some merit in this day and age.

Moe chuckles a bit at this to.

Moe: And the others?

Tobias: Cage and Michael are keeping busy, though Michael is a bit sore about being kept on dry land.

Moe: True but a fishing vessel is different than a war ship, and besides until we get to our destination word is we are avoiding land unless its an absolute emergency.

Tobias: That bad?

Moe: Hard to tell from a boat but a ship like this can draw the wrong kind of attention.

Tobias nods and we see the monitor begin to flash with static.

Tobias: Well it looks like my time is just about up.

Moe: Ok I will call again in a few days, send love to Penny and the boy.

Tobias: Love is all well and good but what she needs its either closure or her mother and we both know which she would prefer.

Moe: I understand see you soon.

Tobias logs off and the screen goes to static.

Moe smiles weakly and gets up and leaves the room. He seems to have no apprant destination in mind when the ship comes to a sharp and sudden stop.

Moe: Now what?

We switch to the deck where a small croud of people have gathered to look at the sight before them. We don't see it yet but we so seem Moe coming on deck. In the background we can make out Henderson talking/ arguing in the control room with another man who may be the captain. Moe does not see this though and makes for one of his friends.

Moe: Adam what is happening?

Adam: A graveyard man, a fucking graveyard.

Moe: What?....

His attention is drawn to the sight in front of everyone and Adam's description is quite accurate. Shipwrecks of various sizes are before them. Even a few plane parts can be seen jutting out of the water. The odd moan every now and again indicated there are walkers in the mass of metal.

Adam: No way this is natural... all these ships should have sunk by now.

Slade: I don't know some of them don't look like they have been here that long.

Moe looks around has Henderson approaches.

Slade: I know that look and suddenly I have a bad feeling.

Henderson: Listen up you lot I know that there looks intimidating but....

Slade: Don't tell me.

Henderson: Our intel says are little Russian friends went this way so this is the path.

Slade: Shit.

Moe remains silent for a moment before looking up to the sky in silent prayer.

Moe: If your up there lead us through this maze of dead in one piece.