Leviathan is the fourth episode of the sixth season of the Walking Dead the Survival.


Continuing the hunt the surviors encounter both wonders and a trap left from a by gone world.


We open in the middle of the ship graveyard where the last episode left off. We see what was once a cruise ship that looks as if it was cut in half by an explosion of some kind. Lose metal and debris fall into the water from the deck followed by something a little heavier. A walker tumbles into the water only to land on something metal with a dull clang.

Walker: Urgh......

Before the walker can make a move a click like a gun shot fills the air followed by an explosion the fills the air. We realisise the walker landed on some kind of mine or depth charge.

Tamera (V.O): Well that didn't sound good.

Things change to the inside of a cabin on the war ship. We see Tamera, Amy, Adam and Slade are bunking in the room. Their are some empty bunks that we understand quickly belong to the other survivors. Where the others are is hard to say at this point.

Slade: Way to state the obvious.

Another explosion fills the air. Further away but it does nothing to ease the tension in the room.

Slade: This is fucking mental.

Adam: No arguments here but it was the best root through this rat's nest.

Amy: I still don't see why we could not have gone around?

Slade: We could but that would have put us behind in this little hunt... the more time we waste the further those assholes get away with Penelope and the others.

Tamera: And that's if they are still alive.

The others shoot her a dark look.

Slade: That was not an ok thing to say.

Tamera holds up her hands.

Tamera: Hey don't shoot me for being a pragmatist.

She rolls over on the bunk to get more comfterbull.

Tamera: Either way I am going to try and get some sleep.

Slade: What... how the hell can you sleep at a time like this?

Tamera: Hey its either try and get some sleep now or risk falling asleep on shift.

Everyone goes silent at that knowing she is right. Especially with what they are going to be expected to do.

Tamera: That's what I thought.

Things the switch onto the deck of the ship where we see Moe and a few others keeping a sharp eye has they sail between the many wrecks of ships and the odd plane.

Captain: Keep a sharp eye people, last thing wee need is this boat getting blow to bits because someone cant tell the difference from a mine and a bit of scrap metal.

Man: Don't need to tell us twice cap.

Man 2: Yeh none of us signed up on this mission to be blown up.

Moe ignores them and continues keeping his eyes peeled for any trouble.

Man: Holy fuck.... stop the ship....

Without a moments pause the ship comes to a full halt infront of a looming shadow in the mist.

Captain: Get all hands on deck now.

The sailor next to him who picks up the radio.

Sailor: All hands this is an order from the captain to get on deck now.

Back in the sleeping cabin of the heroes.

Slade: So much for a good bit of rest.

We then switch back to the deck where an assembled group look at the looming sight before them.

Tamera: Well fuck me you don't see something like that every day.

Adam: No kidding its a wonder neither of them blew up.

Things pull back and wee see what everyone is looking at. A navy warship, larger than the one the heroes are on. Its anchored in their path, no doubt the rements of some long forgotten blockade during the early stage of the outbreak. That however is not the most eyecatching thing about it.

Amy: Is that what I think it is?

Wedged in the lower half of the furthest point from the survivors vantage point is a dark and murky shape. Its hard to make out clearly but has the waves lap we can see clearly, if only for a moment the turbines of a submarine.

Slade: A sub a big one at that.

Tamera: How on earth do you think that got there?

Moe: Hard to say, but I think its a safe bet there is no one alive on that sub.

Slade: I will take your word on that though the only one of us who has been on a boat is not here to way in.

Moe: Still its a miracle in itself neither vessel blew, especially is that sub is neculear.

Has if reading Moe's thoughts we see some other sailors lowering Geiger counters close to the waves below.

Amy: We are in some real some trouble if it is neuclear, hell it would have been easier if it had blown up.

Adam: How so?

Amy: Less exposure by sailing through so rements that dealing with trying to find a way through a hot zone.

Slade: True, but I think we have a larger problem.

The others look at him most in confusion but Moe gets it.

Moe: How to we get around it?