The Dark of the Ocean is the sixth episode of the sixth season of the Walking Dead the Survival.


A night at sea brings up memories of home along with hope and fear for the future.


We open on a dark stary sky and a cold moon over the waves of the ocean.

Captain: Steady has she goes men, one wrong move and we are all shark food.

The camera then drops down onto the rescue ship and some building and construction work going on. It looks like they are setting up something and cutting in other ares on the front of the warship blocking their path.

Captain: Also everyone be careful to just because the scouts cleared out the ship does not mean there are a few hiding in the nooks and crannies.

People nod and continue working and it becomes apparent they are working to make a hole to get the ship through.

Tamera v.o: This is taking forever.

We pull back to find ourselves in the group's sleeping quarters, everyone is there resting or trying to sleep.

James: Hey just be thankful those two hulks are not leaking radiation or we would have to take the long way around.

Amy: Well nothing lethal but James is right though this is nothing that can be rushed and the fastest route through this grave yard is behind this roadblock.

Slade: True but the longer we spend here.....

He laps into uneasy silence and turns to Moe; the man is awake and looking out a porthole into the darkness. Its no secret to the others that things are waying heavy on their leader.

Adam: Any news from home?

Moe is silent.

Joshua: Moe... you ok?

Moe blinks slowly, seemingly in his own thoughts before he turns to the group.

Moe: I... things are ok.

Slade: And?

Moe: And what?

Adam: Sorry Moe but we have no you long enough to know when something is on your mind.

Slade: That and you really need to work on your poker face.

People smile a bit at the attempted joke but the mood is still somber.

Joshua: Come on Moe what did Tobias have to say?

Moe sighs no really sure where to begin.

Moe: Well first off everyone is healthy... physically at least....

He sighs.

Moe: Karina is still struggling after the attack... almost made Nathan a mute.

Adam: Shit, I hoped she would be getting better by now.

Amy: No offence but what she went through is not something you bounce back from over night, even with therapy.

Slade: Well at the very least they are not being charged for couples therapy.

Everyone shoots him a look.

James: Well small mercy the Other guy has not been acting up, Karina is the only one who has had the most luck with a flip out outside of therapy.

Everyone nods at that. Adam however looks serious and worried.

Adam: What about Penny?

His voice is almost a whisper but all here it and turn to Moe.

Moe: I wont lie she is struggling... she needs her mother, even after everything she has lived through there is only so much hardship a child can endure.

Slade: Shit, at least its easy for her brother.... to young to understand any of it.

Adam: I hear that, almost envy kids born into the world now, to them flesh eating ghouls are going to be a fact of life.

Amy: Still at the vey least she has the others with her so she is not facing this alone.

Moe: That may be but there is a difference between "family" and blood.

Another hush falls on the group, interlocked with the sound of the work outside. A small blast rocks the ship but nothing of alarm.

Tamera: Sounds like they started the blasting, at long last.

She roles over in her bunk.

Adam: Hoping to get some shut eye before dawn?

She gives him the finger for the teasing tone in his voice. Everyone perks up a bit but Amy notes the dark look of worry on Moe's face.

Amy: Moe... we will get her back, we will get them all back.

Slade: She's right we are going to get everyone back, its not the first time we have rescued people.

Moe looks up.

Moe: Its not that.... its this situation... we are traviling right into the unkown.

James: So, that's not stopped any of us before.

Moe: I know, but this.... journey, the longer we are out here the more the unkown creeps into my thoughts.

He looks out to the darkened ocean.

Moe: That and there is just so much we do not know this time... and...

Slade: Well put it out of you mind right now.

Everyone turns to look at Slade in surprise at his commanding voice.

Slade: Look I get where you are coming from Moe, I really do but none of us lasted this long knowing all the facts about everything.

He looks to Adam and then Moe.

Slade: Yeh I know we are worried about Penelope and you made a promise to Penny, Moe but you cant control or see every outcome.

He looks out the window behind Moe.

Slade: Sometimes you got ta take it one step at time, even it seems like your going through hell to get to your destination.

Everyone looks at him now with surprise.

Adam: Shit Slade when did you get so deep?

Slade: What can I say sometimes working for hours straight with little sleep can work wonders.

Everyone laughs at that a laugh that is bolstered by the ship moving forward a tad.

Moe: Well on that note lets get some rest, because I have a feeling its going to be a long day tomorrow.

The group nod and settle down to rest.