Plague Ship is the seventh episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


A potential site to resupply reveals a shocking secret.


We open in the binocular view of a oil platform in the early morning sunlight. Its quite and were it not for some smashed windows and one or two walkers pinned and tangled in ocean debries the place would be prestine. There is also a strange sound which we don't recognize at first.

Slade: I don't like the look of this place.

We pull back and see him, Moe, Adam and Tamera and a few others riding in a speed boat to the platform followed by another boat. The second boat has a single pilot and covered in straps for supplies.

Tamera: Like it or not it the best we have come across in the last few days for more supplies... unless you want to paddle the boat from now on?

Slade: Well it wasn't my idea to use boat fuel for explosives.

Moe: It might not have been a wise choice but it was understandable one. We still need to defend ourselves.

Adam: From what sharks?

Moe: There are worse things in this world now than sharks and walkers.

We then switch to the deck of the boat and the strange nose becomes more apparent. It is the scratching of the end of a record coming over on the loudspeaker of the abandoned deck.

Tamera: What do you suppose that is about?

Slade: Who knows.

Moe: Could be automated, worn down message or someone's way to pass the time it....

Team leader: Gather round and listen up you lot.

Moe looks annoyed at the interruption but joins the others who have gathered around the man.

Team leader: Ok, you all know what we are here for, we need fuel primarily and other supplies of use you can find on this tub.

He indicates his watch.

Team Leader: We have three hours tops before the waves get to rough so unless you want to get stuck here for the night I suggest you get to work.

He then takes out his radio and shows it to them.

Team Leader: I want six teams of three to scour the place top to botton, find something useful press three, get into trouble go for 4.

Woman: What about walkers?

Team Leader: If you run into anywalker you cant handle or a swarm press 1 and we are all out of here no questions asked.

Everyone nods; knowing full well a place like this could be a potential death trap.

Team Leader: Ok what are you waiting for a written invitation? Get to work.

Everyone nods and heads off.

We get a montage of the various teams scavenging; finding fuel, some preserved food, spare parts and so on. The only odd thing is some of the doors of the building are welded shut and imposible to open with the time limit. Though, given we can see some walkers behind the glass of the windows the scavengers wisely leave things be.

Things switch over to Moe, Tamera and Adam about to enter a room.

Tamera: Ok this is the last one and then we best head back.

Adam: Ok, ready Moe?

Moe nods, ear to the door for a moment before kicking it open. All have guns drawn and waiting for something to lurch out. Nothing comes so they cautiously enter.

Tamera: Shit, looks like we got the door prize.

The room looks like it was once a bunk room/ a private workshop or study with a single bunk and large desk littered with papers and books. The door prize Tamera in talking about is a dead body sprawled on the floor. The bandages around the arm and bullet wound to the head show the man took his own life rather than become a walker.

Adam: Poor bastard.

Moe: Search the room there might be something we can salvage.

The two nod and get to work. Moe however stares at the body with macabre fascination.

Adam: Moe.... you ok... I know something like this is against your faith so if you want Tamera and I can.....

Moe: No, its allright and given the circumstances death by ones own hand is better than becoming a walker.

Adam nods and gets to searching leaving Moe to his thoughts. The man continues to stare at the body, thoughtful, almost considering trying to move it; a burial at sea being better than left to rot like this.

Tamera: Hey what's that in his hand.

She indicates something silvery and square shaped.

Adam: Looks like a vadictaphone, there are some tapes in a box over here to.

He shows a box full of about 20 tapes and rummages through them.

Adam: Looks like he was keeping a journal or something... might even go back to before the shit hit the fan.

Moe looks at the device, weather its a hunch or simple, if morbid curiosity he begins to pry the small device from the dead man's hand.

Moe: Tamera give us a some spare batteries.

Tamera: Sure... what are you....

She followes his order and resquest for silence; knowing the look on his face.

Tamera: Here.

Moe takes the batteries and switches them into the device he has just pulled free from the dead man's hand. Withought missing a beat he presses the rewing button before hitting play.

What comes out startles everyone.

Adam: Is that Russian?

Tamaera: Sounds like it but you don't think?

Moe stares at the device eyes wide listening to the rambling words of a dieing man but one word crops up over and over.

Moe: Gamayun wasn't that the name of the ship.

Adam: Shit.... we should get these back to the boat now.

We then switch back to the boat later in the day, Moe is an a war room with Henderson and a few other leaders of the boat.

Captain: How long is this going to take.

Henderson: Has long as it takes for the translators to do their jobs.

At that a sailor runs into the room with a bundle of paper under their arm.

Henderson: Talk of the devil.... jesus sailor you look like you need a stiff drink.

The young man looks pale.

Captain: Is there a problem son.?

Sailor: I.... you can read for yourself it does not....

The man looks like he is going to be ill.

Captain: Its ok lad, your dismissed.

The sailor leaves and the men start to read the document copies. There is a hard silence for a few minutes.

Henderson: Fuck me.... these assholes find new ways to make me sick.

Captain: Indeed... but my god they turned a refugee camp into their own person lab for "research"

He throws the paper down in disgust.

Henderson: I hate to say it but at least we know we are on the right track.

Moe: But on track to what... I mean its obvious they scalled back to avoid a loss of control but we are still no closer to finding out what they are planning with the virus.

There is more silence,

Henderson: Well I tell what we are going to do now.

He turns to the Captain.

Henderson: With your permission I would like to sink this place into the water, let those poor souls on that barge have some level of peace.

Moe: Wont that give he game away should the ship or one of their people come back around?

Henderson: It might but admit it, your sick of these guys being a step ahead of us.

The look in Moe's eyes in an agreement.

Moe: A small victory if better than none.

Captain: Agreed, has for the translations go over everything in detail that could give a clue to a final heading. The cliff notes we just read may be grimm but there should be a clue in there.

The two men nod.

Captain: That will be all.

The scene fades out to the flaming wreck of the oil platform has the ship sail away with a renewed sense of purpose.