Cracks in the Foundation is the eighth episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


Tensions run high and the safety of the city comes into serious question.


We open on camera static before things come into focus on an attractive looking reporter on the city street of the city.

Voice (low whisper): And we are roalling in 5,4,3,2,1....

The woman nods to the person out of sight.

Prue: Good morning this Prue Stewarts coming to you live from the street for La News the city's first news network.

We get a quick montage of stock footage of the city, from before the apocalypse and some after; giving the impression of rebuilding and a hopeful future.

Prue: Today if the 5th of the month so its time for Street Talk.

We get another montage of a show of some kind; it seems to be a public talk show of some sort.

Prue: That's right today we will be judging the mood on the street of fair La.... the world may have become a little "Strange" but we are still living so let see what people have to say about the state of things in recent weeks.

The Camera then switches to a street corner where we see several workman working on building some new shop fronts. We realize this is the area where Dr. Sylas escaped with Penelope and the other test subjects.

Prue: Gentleman do any of you have anything to say about out fair city.

Workman: Well i'll give you one thing there's never a shortage of work with loonatics tearing up the streets like dodgeams.

This earns a weak chuckle from a few people save one who turns around... Cage.

Prue: You are referring to the accident last month.

Cage: You can call it that.

The camera switched around to Cage.

Prue: Are you saying it was something other than an accident?

Cage shrugs nochalontly; he's no fool but he knows he has to give the woman an answer.

Cage: Just saying perhaps it might be an idea to reinstate the driving test around here, learning to drive out in the wastes is one thing but there anint no ghould running around in the walls to bolt from.

This ears a murmer of agreement from the workmen though the odd few seem a tad dubious.

We then switch to a park in the city and follow the reporter looking for another individual to speak with.

Prue: Miss do you have anything to say about the health care in the city.

Karina: You mean before or after recent events?

We see Karina sitting on a park bench, she's baby sitter for Toby, in the background we can see Penny playing on the swings.

Prue: Your talking about the recent flue outbreak and the small walker attack.

Karina bristles a bit but says nothing of what she truly knows.

Prue: Miss?

Karina: Sorry, been a long day.... has for health care I cant really say much on the politics but hey you fixed my arm up well and good.

She shows off her arm from the attack in the last season all mended and well.

Prue: Look like they did a good job, anything else to comment on?

Penny: Mom helped with the flu shots.... is she is trouble?

The camera pans over to Penny who has come over looking crious about what is going on. Karina tenses a bit at this. This is something she wants the girl exposed to on top of everything else.

Prue: No one's in trouble sweety these things happen, where is your mom anyway at work?

Penny: No... she away for awhile.

Karina: Penny why don't you take Toby and get some ice cream.

Penny: K.

She takes her brother and walks off, the camera trails after her for a bit before Karina comes into their line of sight annoyed.

Karina: Leave the kid be she's had enough to deal with these last few weeks without you vultures sticking your beaks in.

Prue: I.... I'm sorry was her mom.....

Karina: No comment.

She looks behind them.

Karina: You better scram now.... my partner less patient than me when it comes to dealing with the press.

The camera pans around a bit and we see Nathan walking back with Penny and Toby, he smiles at Karina but gives the reporters a dark glare.

Prue: Well thank you for your time.

They walk off and Prue gives her camera man a glance.

Prue: Cut the last part.... we can try and talk to the girl again later.

Camerman: Follow up? You sure that pair she's with give me the creeps.

Prue: Nah but the public love the bits with the kids in it, really warms the heart.

We switch to another area in the park with Tobias by the lake side playing chess with Michael.

Tobias: Not sure you want to hear what an old man has to say.

Prue: Oh I don't know, age brings wisdom.

Michael: v.o: Well its made him king at chess.

Tobias chuckles at that before turning to face the camera again.

Tobias: So what do you want to know?

Prue: Well there is no dennying in the last few months this city has seen some ups and downs, how do you think the city is fairing as a result.

Tobias: Do you mean the city itself or the people?

Prue: Both if you have some thoughts on them.

Tobias: Well the city itself id say its doing very well.... honestly this place is a fine example of restoration since this... catastrophe started.

Prue nods at this.

Prue: And the people?

Tobias pauses thoughtfully at this, studying a rook piece in his hand.

Tobias: That's tricky, we are all a diverse bunch but a united bunch. We've taken some knocks but we are still standing.

Prue nods again satisfied but, Tobias is not finished.

Tobias: I just hope we can weather what ever storm may come our way next.

He puts the rook down giving leaving things on a cryptic is slightly forboading note. The press don't seam to notice.

Prue: And that a rap.

We fade to black as if someone has turned off a tv set.