Blood Of Innocence
Season 1, Episode 6
Ep 6
Air date December 7, 2012
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 7: Wash it all away

Episode 6 of Survivor deals with the group dealing with the threat of other human survivors.


The survivors have made it out of the city and have parked the van in a lakeside campsite. There are a few walkers but they quickly deal with them and set up camp for the night unaware they are being watched.

The group sits around discussing what their next move is going to be and who the new leader should be. Nobody wants to talk about leaders after what happened with Phil so the topic is shelved for the moment. Has for their next move they all agree to head for the mountains; reasoning its isolated and the best place to wait for rescue or things to blow over.

In the middle of the night Corey wakes up to the sound of rustling from the van and goes to investigate. His scream awaken the others and they come to find him being held down by two men while another three are trying to break into the van. They have guns pointed at Corey and when they see the group they demand the keys for the van or they blow Corey's head off. Mark tries to play piece maker saying the can work something out but then want none of it saying they want the vehicle and supplies. Salvatore suggests the group can take them but the others known their weapons are not to the same level has the Bandits and they could hurt Corey in the struggle. Also the noise is going to draw in any nearby walkers. Finally Willy makes a choice and says he will give them the keys to the protests of the others. He gets the two guys to let Corey go who runs back to the others with a signal to get ready has he approaches the leader with his hand in his pocket.

Without warning he reveals what he is holding when he stabs the leader in the eye with a screwdriver. The guy goes down and his gun starts firing to involuntary muscle movement. One bullet hits Lauren in the head while several more hit the van engine causing an explosion killing some of the bandits and causing the rest of them to flee.

The next day the group burn Lauren's body so it will not be dug up by walkers and eaten. Willy is blaming himself for what happened and Millie is also angry with him. Slade and Mark defend him saying if he had not, Corey might have been killed and the incident has also taught them they have to worry about the living as well has the dead.