Goodwill is the third episode of the seventh season of the Walking Dead the Survival and deal with the survivors beginning their return journey to Los Angeles.


Setting sail the survivors bring back a long lost commodity, new friends and a hope for rebuilding the world. Yet a dark cloud hangs on the journey.


2 months after 7.2

We open at the harbor where the survior's ship is docked. Since arrival the dock has been cleared and looks like a rudamentry harbor now; people work in the background to secure it and guard against walkers. In the foreground we see the ship being reloaded and restocked by the mix of its crew and their new friends.

Adam (V.O): Sounds like you guys have had a real adventure.

We find Moe in the communication station talking with Adam via a webcam.

Moe: Indeed, though it was not a pleasure cruise to start with.

Adam: Yeh, but the important thing is you did what you set out to do and then some.

The sound of someone approaching gets Adam's attention and he smiles.

Adam: Right on time.

He goes out of view for a moment and comes back holding Toby has we hear a chair being dragged and Penny comes into view.

Moe: Well this is a surprise.

Its not a lit, his face is lit up to see the two happy and healthy, Toby looks hearty and Penny is beaming with excitement.

Adam: What can I say, when Cage let set slip you guys were on the way back Penny and the tyke wanted to wish you all luck.

Moe: Well you two are indeed a sight for soar eyes.

Penny beams and the baby coos softly.

Penny: How's my mom?

Moe: Getting stronger every day, and with luck she will be walking around by the time we are back at the city.

Penny smiles even wider.

Penny: Mom's gonna be so happy to see Toby again he's crawling now and we made this together.

She holds up a hand made card with doodles and scribbles made by both children. Moe smiles again.

Penny: Moe... thanks.

Moe: For what?

Penny: Getting my mom back from the bad guys and stopping them.

Neither she nor Adam see the wrry in his eye that he has been nursing for the previous episode. He smiles again.

Moe: You make it sound like I did it all alone.

The girl giggles:

Penny: Of course not, you had Slade and the others with you.

Adam: And an army of Frenchmen... seriously cant believe you guys wound up in France of all places.

Moe: Well this world is nothing is not full of surprises.

Adam: Tell me about it... Michael says the city's been going nuts with the news that there's life beyond America.

Moe: I would imagine, and they are even sending over some custom supplies... surprisingly whine ages well in apocalypse.

The men laugh a bit.

Adam: Yeh, they have also had me and practically everone who knows how to program a computer working on setting up a communication link with the people on your end.

Moe: Well its a good thing keeping in touch with the rest of the world now that we know that there are more than walkers and madmen out there.

Adam: Yeh, but its a headache to say the least... laptops and computers were not a top priority when the world went to shit.

Penny: Adam! Toby's here!

She picks her brother up and covers his ears.

Adam: Sorry kid, but hey he's to little to talk yet.

Penny: But he could remember, last thing mum would want would that to be his first word.

All three laugh at that, a sound that is interrupted by the being on the computer.

Moe: That's my time about up, I shall speak again when we are sea next week if I get a chance.

Penny is sad for a moment.

Moe: Next time I will see if your mum fancies coming up to see you.

Penny: Promise?

Moe: I promise.

They smile at each other before Moe sighs off. He stares at the dark screen for a moment, thought dark with worry before remembering Bridgit's words.

Moe: Look to the future.

He nods to himself but, its clear worry is not an easy thing to let lie.