One Day at a Time is the fourth episode of the seventh season of The Walking Dead the Survival. It focusses on the other survivors back in Los Angeles.


Back in the city several survivors face their personal demons and troubles the only way they can; one day at a time and with the help of those around them.


We open at a reception of some sort in the city.

Receptionist: Well that is all the paperwork sorted.

We pull back to see Cage dressed in a suit with Tobias and Michael by his side.

Cage: Good, good so when can it be set up?

Receptionist: Well your Ex wife's copy needs to come in but the stone should be ready in a week and all that needs to be done then is to pick a plot.

It dawns we are in a funeral home of some sort.

Cage: Ok... (he stifles a sob) Gah... sorry....

Receptionist: Its ok, believe me your not the first... getting a stone... it opens old wounds... makes things real.

Michael puts a hand on his friend's shoulder in support, other hand pointing to a flyer.

Tobias: Michael's right you know, there are people you can talk to if you need to.

Cage looks at his friend with a soft smile.

Cage: You mean people who don't sound like a speaking clock.

Michael gives a face of mock offence before typing on the keypad on his wrist.

Michael: V.O: I'm a fisherman not a shrink.

They laugh and the receptionist smiles a bit before handing over a form.

Receptionist: Your friend is right though... if you need to talk with someone we can schedule something now or you can call this number.

Cage takes the paper.

Cage: Thanks miss, right now I... I just want to get home.

The woman nods in understanding and the three get up to leave. We switch to outside where Cage rests his head against a wall, tears flowing free now. The other two next to him.

Cage: Fuck... I....

Tobias: Its ok... we have all heard worse.

Michael V.O: Just let it out.

Cage just smiles weakly.

Cage: You know I got to thank you again for coming... I would have been blubbering like a baby in there on my own.

Tobias: No issue, still are you going to call that number?

Cage considers it before ptting it away.

Tobias: I understand, see if the threat is real after a night's rest.

Cage: And if it is?

Tobias: No sin in asking for help.

We jump cut a boxing bag being punched in an apartment.

Nathan v.o: Yikes, who pissed you off.

We see its Karina punching the bag, she looks worked up, Nathan drops a bag of groceries on to the table.

Karina: Nothing... thanks for picking up the shoping on your way back.

Nathan: It was no big deal, chores take my mind off the shrink visits.

He chuckles weakly and frowns noticing her face.

Nathan: Another bad dream?

Karina is silent, punching the bag one more time before heading to change.

Nathan: Karina?

Other Nathan: Forget it.

Nathan tenses but sighs out a breath.

Nathan: But out.

His other chuckles in his ear, causing the man to wince in pain.

Karina: Nathan?

Despite her mood, she knows the signs and approaches slowly.

Karina: Nathan... you ok?

His hand grabs her wrist, she tenses but remains defiant has Other Nathan looks up with a smug look on his face.

Other Nathan: The Baby, taking a nap, right now.... makes it easier for the adults to talk.

Karina: I'm not in the mood for your games.

Other Nathan: Who's playing... he's worried about you and its pissing me off.

Karina: There's nothing to say... those bastards are dead and I'm still here.

Other Nathan smirks, pulling closer and she flinches away like a shy animal.

Other Nathan: Could have fooled me.

Karina: Since when do you care?

Other Nathan:.... I...

He winces, letting her go and stumbling back has Nathan takes over again.

Nathan: Hngh... Karina... what happened...

Karina: Nothing... he was just playing mind games its all.

Nathan:... You sure... its been weeks since he's been out.

Karina: Well that just shows your doing good in therapy and besides I can handle him when he gets worked up.

Nathan nods but notes her weak smile.

Karina: Nathan?

Nathan: Karina, take it from someone who has enough demons... bottling up what happened is not a good idea.

She turns away and he approaches slow, before wrapping his arms around her, she flinches but does not try to get away. After a moment or two she sobs softly, mumbling words only Nathan can hear.

Nathan: I know, I know.

He continues to hug here, the progress may be slow for them both but, they have each other.

Things switch to Adam's apartment and we se Penny and Tank sitting at a table.

Tank: You gonna play fair this time?

Penny: You gonna cry when I beat you?

We see they are playing a mock game of arm wrestling, Tank has a new prosthetic hand.

Penny: One, two....

Tank: Three.

They go at if for a bit before Tank "lets" Penny win. Adam comes in with plates of food.

Adam: Looks like super girl beat the bionic man.

Tank: Well this new hand needs braking in.

Adam gives him a look and they both smile while Adam dished out the food.

Tank: So how is school kido?

Penny: Ok I guess... I miss being on the road.

Adam: Hey, the world's gonna heal and like it or not school is important.

Tank: Besides, old school was no where near has good has today... if they taught survival and weapons back when I was a kid I might have gone.

Penny: I suppose.

She bites into her food in thought.

Penny: I had a good dream last night.

They men look at each other and smile; we get the feeling this is a result of the news of her mother being alive and well.

Tank: Really.

Penny: Yeh mom, me and Toby in the park.

Adam: Sounds good, perhaps you can make it a reality when they get back.

Penny: You think so?

Adam: I know so. After all that's happened you are over due for something good with your family.

The girl's smile of delight is the light of the evening has things fade out with her happy laughs.