Eyes in the Wilderness is the fifth episode of the seventh season of The Walking Dead the Survial.


A routine supply run leads to a disturbing message and even darker implications.


We open on what seems to be a disused field before swinging around at the sound of viechles. A large lorry and several viechles come to a stop outside a fenced off area.

Tank: Ok who's ready to do a little shopping ?.

We see him in a viechle with Jacob.

Jacob: Sure, pick up groceries and be back in time for tea.

Tank: You remember the list?

Jacob: Yes will all have a list.... why couldn't Adam come along?

Tank: His work has his hands tied and someone has to baby sit the kiddies.... besides you have a knack for finding things in a mess.

Jacob: Glad to be useful.

Tank: Hey you find and the bigger guys hall it home... home in time for a few drinks if we are lucky.

They laugh and get out of their viechle in the yard of what looks like a storage building.

Lead Scavenger: Listen up people its a routine grab, get what's on your list and bring it back in good time and we all get back before dark.

Everyone nods and break up into teams .

Jacob: Still don't see why we store all this stuff out here like this, I mean the city is quite safe.

Tank: Safe yes but put everything in one place then your asking for trouble. Besides nothing wrong with squirling away for a rainy day.

Jacob just nods and looks at the list.

Jacob: So we are just getting some preserves and metal for some repair work.

Tank: Just keep an eye out walkers and rats are always an issue.

Jacob: Scared of a few rodents.

Tank: I meant the human kind of rat.

They quietly enter the building and we see it was once a storehouse for a big business. Now its been converted to be used to store all sorts of things for the city.

Tank: Lets get to it.

We then go into a montague of the two and other teams going about their work. Eventually we switch to outside with people loading up to leave.

Lead Scavenger: Ok, that was a good haul so everyone get you arses in the viechles and lets get home. There is mummer of agreement. We shift to later on the road and we follow Tank and Jacob in their viechle.

Jacob: Whew who would have throught spiders like sheet metal.

Tank: Or they could get that big... seriously one of them must have been the size of a house cat.

Jacob: Doubtlful.

Tank: Well all I know is walkers are bad enough, we don't need to add mutant bugs into the mix.

Jacob: I think Tobias would argue they are arachnids.

Tank: Well the Librarian isn't here so... jesus christ stop the car now.

We the other viechles have abrubtly stopped ahead and Jacob managed to stop just before hitting the back of another viechle. Some people have gotten out to look at what the problem is. The two do the same.

Tank: Hey what's going on?

No one answers and the two go to the front of the road.... or what id left of it before them. While they can get around it we see a huge crater in the road.

Jacob: What the hell, road was fine when we came through earlier?

Scavenger 1: Sink hole perhaps?

Scavenger 2: This looks to clean for a sink hole and do you smell the air, explosives.

Tank sniffs the air and indeed there is a faint smell on the wind of explosives.

Jacob: So what someone hoaling dynamite go unlucky?

Tank: That would be a nice thought but... I think we have a problem.

He indicates an old billboard nearby long faded but someone has been painted on it recently.

Jacob: We see you? bit od and what is with the jibberish above.

Scavenger 1: Looks Russian.

The implication sends a shiver up the two survivors.

Scavenger 2: Weird.

Most others are treating it like an annoyance and a confusing one.

Lead scavenger: All right enough sight seeing lets get moving.

Everyone complies and we go back to Jacob and Tank who look worried.

Jacob: You think that was a warning or a threat?

Tank: I dont know... god I hope its someone's idea of a prank but I just don't know.

They lapse into silence and drive on and in the distance we see binocular view of somone watching the convoy with unkown intentions.