Wash it All Away
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode 7
Air date December 16, 2012
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 6: Blood of innocence
Episode 8: An Endless Cycle
 Episode seven of Survivor see's the survivors trying to cross a river.


Its raining and the survivors come upon a flooded river; without humans to keep it in check there is a lot of flooding. The river is murky too so they don't know what dangers lurk within. Slade throws a stone in the river in boredom and a swamp walker emerges (Think like the one in the well but covered in plant life)Millie takes it out but the group realize the problem.

Christopher suggests they split up and look for a way to cross and to see how far the flooding goes. Millie want to go off with the group Willy is in but Mark puts her in his group not wanting her to do anything stupid. They split up and Millie and Mark talk about what happened with Mark saying Millie needs to let go of her anger or it will kill her and those around her. She ignores him and they come across a lorry damming the river and creating a path for them to cross. Salvatore goes ahead to check it out when gunshots distract them and the rest of the group comes running back followed by a group of walkers. The gang climbs on the back of the lorry and begins to cross the river has the walkers crowd round the back of the lorry trying to follow them. Some walkers prowl near the side of the lorry following them but the water is deep and the trash in the river is slowing them down.

Has they are crossing Willy slips on the wet surface and is hanging off the side of the truck has the walkers begin to pile around. Millie is the closest and see's what happening and goes over like she is going to help him. The next moment we see Willy plunging into the walkers has the other watch horrified. Millie says she was to late but Mark notices the glint in her eye and realizes what she did.