A Long Road Ahead
Season One, Episode One
Walking dead 1
Air date October 11, 2012
Written by Terelili
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Episode 2: Follow The Leader

Episode one: A Long Road Ahead is the first episode of the first season of The Walking Dead: The Survival. It will be released on October 11, 2012. The setting will be a road full of walkers.


- Millie opens her eye. She smells wet grass, and she can barely move because of sleeping on the floor.-

George: Wake up, sleeping beauty.

-Millie stands up, and sees everyone moving and storing things, some are disarming a tent, and others are packing bags.-

George: You slept okay last night?

Millie: Yeah, I´m used to sleeping on the forest.

George: So, hurry up!

-Millie picks her arrow, and places it on her back.-

George: I can´t get how you use that weak thing when you can have a gun.

Millie: Guys with guns won´t understand arrows. They´re quicker, faster, they make the same damage to walkers and they don´t even make noise.

George: Well, I still don´t understand it.

-Millie frowns.-

-Nathaniel passes by.-

Nathaniel: Hey, Millie!

-Millie smiles shyly at Nathaniel.-

-Millie wasn´t used to people. She had a quiet life before the apocalypse, and she was always shy and quiet. She loved music. They had found her last night alone in the woods.-

George: Okay everybody, gather around!

-Everyone gathers around George.-

George: It´s time to leave. You´re all asking where we´re going, and, the truth is, I don´t know. We´re going to take the road, which will lead us to a little town, or resistance where we can take shelter, and find supplies.

-Phil frowns-

Phil: The road? Are you serious? It will be a chaos?

George: Any more than the woods? We are lost here, we´re almost running out of supplies, we got nothing here. The walkers are touching our heels, and you want to stay here. We got a kid.

-Corey faces the ground.-

Phil: That kid can take more care of himself, than you do!

Corey (whispering): That´s probably true.

-Cristopher smiles at Corey.-

Phil: I can´t believe we´re doing this. Who´s in favor with that dick?

- Everyone raises their hands.-

-Phil makes a nervous look on his face and sighs.-

Phil: I warned you.

George: So, everyone got their supplies, everything's packed, let´s go.

-The group is walking on the woods-

Salvatore (to Moe): Do you think we´re doing right, on going to the road?

Moe: I don´t know. I trust George.

Salvatore: Do you think we should trust George?

Moe: I think he´s doing the right thing. What his instincts tell him.

-Phil comes closer to them-

Phil: So, I heard you complaining about George.

Salvatore: I´m just not sure if we´re going the right way...

Phil: Trust me, we´re not.

- The group reaches the road, it´s full of cars.-

Ziggy: Wow! I could make a fortune out of all these cars!

Mark: Ziggy, you know that´s impossible right now, do you

-Ziggy sigh's-

Ziggy: Yeah.

George: Let´s all stay together. We´ll walk silently, we do not know if walkers can come by. Willy, Jared, Nathaniel, I want you to check out supplies that you might find on the cars. Everyone, stay close, and try to make as less sound as possible.

-The group walks slowly on the road.-

-Lauren looks scared and is shaking-

Cristopher: Are you all right, Lauren?

-Lauren nods-

Lauren: Yeah.

-Lauren makes a fake smile.-

Cristopher: You don´t have to be afraid. Don´t worry, I´ll protect you if anything happens, which I doubt.

-Lauren smiles.-

- Willy, Jared and Nathaniel look for supplies.-

Willy; I found food!

Jared: Shh!

Nathaniel: Willy, lower your voice!

Willy: Oops.. sorry.

- Willy opens a car´s door, and grabs food. He then closes it sharply, and causes a lot of noise.-

George (far away): What was that?

Willy: I´m sorry!

-George and Millie are walking on the lead of the group.-

Millie: It was just The Hutch.

George: Yeah, I hope that noise doesn´t costs us any trouble.

-George suddenly stops and raises his palm of the hand.-

George: Stop!

-Millie stops abruptly.-

- Shrieks can be heard from far away.-

Ziggy(from behind): Are those...?

-George spies ahead-

George: Walkers! Many of them. They must have smelled us, or heard us... They´re surrounding all the road. Quickly, hide under the cars!

-George places himself between two cars and takes out his AK47. Millie also hides between cars. Ziggy hides below a car, Boone kneels with his axe between cars.-

Lauren: Walkers.

Cristopher: We need to hide. Get below the car! Corey, you too. If they attack you, they´ll be dead.

- Willy throws himself to the ground, Jared kneels and Nathaniel seems desperate searching for Millie.-

- Phil, Salvatore and Moe hide between cars.-

Phil : What did I say, huh? Never trust this guy.

- The walkers pass past George and Millie. They seem to smell something...

-George can´t take it any longer, walkers had killed all his family. He just hated them. He hated them.-

-George shoots at a walker with his AK47. The walker falls directly to the ground. Millie looks desperate. All the walkers turn towards George´s direction.-

George: Oh, shit!

-George begins shooting, and Millie throws her arrows.-

-Ziggy and Boone seem desperate, they aren´t the best with guns. George takes his shot, and they seem desperate. Boone begins hitting walkers with his axe and Ziggy attacks with his butterfly knife.-

-Corey and Lauren hide below the car. A shot is heard.-

Cristopher: Oh my gosh. They begun shooting, stay alert. Man, I got no choice but to use my gun.

-Walkers approach them and Lauren takes out her Beretta and goes to the road.-

-Lauren and Cristopher shoot at walkers.-

-Willy, Nathaniel and Jared are against the floor. A shot is heard.-

Nathaniel: Crap, they started it.

Willy: Oh, dude!

-Walkers approach them. Nathaniel hits them with his baseball bat and attacks them. Willy stands up, frightened and hits them with his axe. Jared uses a pipe cane.-

Willy: Dude!

- Salvatore, Phil and Moe hear a shot.-

Phil: Crap! Surely George got their attention!

-Moe and Salvatore start praying. Walkers attack them. Phil cuts their heads off with his katana , Salvatore attacks them with his crowbar and Moe attacks with his SKS.-

- George is shooting walkers all around him, while Millie attacks with her arrow. Millie takes down many walkers.-

Millie: See why I use an arrow?

-George smiles and shots walkers down.-

Boone: This won´t end! We need to run and get somewhere!

-George peers through the cars.-

George: There´s a town only 200 meters away!

-George shoots down a walker.-

Boone: We really need to get there!

-Boone kills a walker with his axe.-

-George peers again.-

George: It will be dangerous! But, yeah, we gotta go! EVERYONE THERE´S A SMALL TOWN A FEW METERS AHEAD! GET THERE!

-George shoots more walkers and runs forward. He is followed by Millie, Ziggy and Boone, while they all kill walkers.-

George: I can see a restaurant! It seems empty! Quickly enter!

- Lauren and Cristopher attack walkers.-

Cristopher: You really got power, for a girl.

-Lauren smiles and shoots a walker.-

George (far away): everyone, there´s a small town a few meters away! get there!

-Lauren and Cristopher stare at each other.-

Cristopher: You think we can make it to the town? It´s full of walkers!

Lauren: If George says so, we must go!

- Lauren kneels and grabs Corey by the hand.-

Lauren: Come on Corey, let´s go.

-Cristopher sees a walker about to attack Lauren on her back. Cristopher shots him directly on the brain.-

-Lauren screams.-

Lauren: Oh my gosh! He almost got me!

Corey: That was close!

Cristopher: Let´s go!

- Salvatore, Phil and Moe are killing walkers.-

George (far away): everyone, there´s a small town a few meters away, get there!

Phil: He really thinks we can make it with all this walkers?

Moe: He must be right if he says so.

Phil: We´ll go, and when I get there, everyone will see how bad their leader really is.

- Willy, Jared and Nathaniel kill walkers.-

Jared: My gosh! They´re so many!

-Willy is surrounded by walkers, and hits himself hardly against the ground.

Willy: Ah!!! Fuck!

George (far away): everyone, there´s a small town a few meters away, get there!

Nathaniel: We gotta go!

Jared: We got to help The Hutch!

Natahniel: There´s not time!

-Jared kills walkers around Willy and grabs him by the hand.-

Willy: Thanks, man.

-Jared smiles.-

Jared: We need to get to the small town!

Willy: We´re surrounded by walkers!

Jared: Let´s take them off!

-Jared and Willy kill the walkers. Nathaniel helps them.-

Nathaniel: Come!

-Jared and Willy go with Nathaniel.-

Nathaniel: Let´s go, quickly!

- Jared, Nathaniel and Willy run. Jared is suddenly surrounded by walkers. Willy and Nathaniel keep running, they hear screams from Jared and turn around. They´re both in shock to see Jared being torn apart by a bunch of walkers. Willy stares speechless.-

Nathaniel: It´s time to go! Willy! They´re all distracted!

-Willy lets out a tear and follows Nathaniel.-

-The restaurant-

-All the group is gathered at the restaurant.-

Phil: Because of these idiot, we were almost killed! Jared died for god´s sake! He brought us death! I told you, I told you he was bringing us the wrong way! Ha! Ha! See! Now, who´s in favor he shouldn´t be the leader?

-Everyone but Millie, Lauren and Corey raise their hands.-

Phil: That´s it!

- Suddenly, there´s sounds heard outside and knocks are heard from the windows-

Willy: Oh, dude.