Evans Rango Lamb
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race African-American
Faction Bus group/ Factory Group
Health None
Level None
Status Dead - Eaten by Walkers
Location Factory
Evans Rango Lamb is a charcter on Season Two of The Walking Dead: The Survival.


Evans is a well known musician. He played football in High School. He also is able to play the keyboard. His Dad was also a soldier and taught him how to shoot, and he is very skilled and accurate when it comes to sniping. He is usually called by his middle name "Rango". He will only follow instrutions from only people he knows are good. He isn't afraid to kill, and can be ruthless at time. He also has a brother from his Father that he has never seen, talked to, or even knows his name.


Evans is really chill, and laid back. He doesn't mind talking to girls or guys. He likes to stay healthy, and athletic. He has a musical talent. He doesn't mind people calling him, by his middle name "Rango". Can be ruthless at times.


Evans was created by user : Tigger77

  • Played football in high school
  • Well known musician; Able to play Piano
  • Has a unknown brother, he never met or seen.
  • Actor: Frank Ocean
  • Evans is 22 years old.