Hiro Nagasaki
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Asian-American
Faction Bus Group/Factory Group
Health None
Level None
Status Dead (Those Who Suffer) - Shot
Location Factory

Hiro "Tex" Nagasaki is a character on Season Two of Survival. He is part of the bus group, and first appeared in Promised Land. He died in the epiosde Those Who Suffer after being shot by one of Cole's men.


Tex was born in Japan and always dreamed of starring in western movies. He came to America in hopes of hitting it big. Unfortunately there wasn't as much demand for an asian cowboy in America just like Japan. He ended up doing b-movie exploitation films. He didn't care though as long as they were westerns. In order to prepare for his roles he took extensive training in how to fire revolvers. He also performed his own stunts seeing as the movies he starred in could not afford a stuntman. When the shit hit the fan he was on set actually filming a zombie western. He fired his blank rounds and then the director yelled cut when the "zombies" did not fall down dead like they were supposed to. They then proceeded to eat his co-star. At first he was angry that he wasn't notified about a re-write and then kicked what he thought was an actor only to have its head fall off. He narrowly escaped the set. Still in his clothes from the movie and walked out into the sunset looking at this as the role of a lifetime.


Calm, collect, and full of cheesy one liners from western movies. Gets excited easily by action.


  • Hiro was created by Magicandmadness, Moe`s creator.
  • Hiro is 31 years old.
  • Actor: Hideaki Eto