Karina Djovovich
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race Latino
Faction Bus Group/Factory Group
Health None
Level None
Status Alive
Location Factory

Karina Djovovich is a character on Season 2 of Survivor. She is part of the factory group, and first appeared in Promissed Land


Karina was born to a russian father and a mexican mother. When she was a teen, she used to hang out with a gang and cause trouble and get in fights. She trained to become an FBI agent, until her mother was murdered. She was then approached by a misterious man, that told her she knew her mother killers and that if she worked with him they would find them. The real thing was the man was just using her to kill people instead of him. She was then caught by the police after murdering a man and sent to prison by her father, that was a warden. Then one day, everything changed at the prison as the dead came back to life. She and five others escaped the prison, but after a while she was the only one left.


Karina has a tough personality. She is very confident about herself. She doesn´t trust others.


  • Karina was created by user: Gleekerr, who also created Millie Jenkins on season one. 
  • She was originaly named Mila.
  • Karina is 32 years old.