Mia Tores
Mia Tores
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race Caucasan-American
Faction Bus Group/Factory Group
Health None
Level None
Status Dead (Battle Lines) - Shot
Location Factory

Mia Tores is one of the new survivors for season 2 of the Survial. Her trademark weapon is a modified javalin. She dies in Battle Lines after she was shot by one of Cole's men.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

A school athlete Mia was one of the popular girls and was on her way to an early scholarship in Uni.


Mia was amoung a group of students on their way to an athletics competition when the apocalypse started. The bus crashed in the confussion and was swarmed by walkers. Mia only escaped because the walkers were to busy eating her classmates.


Mia was created by an unkown Wiki Contributor.

  • Actor: Allison Scagliotti
  • Mia is 16 years old.