"In in this world, one can't cry, deaths will come, many deaths but you gotta get used to them."

-Michaela to Mark

Michaela Oahn
Michaela oahn
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race Asian-American
Faction Factory Group/Bus Group
Health None
Level None
Status Dead (Battle Lines) - Shot by Cole
Location Factory

Michaela Oahn is a character that appears in the Walking Dead: Survival Season 2. She first appeared in the episode Prommised Land. She dies in Battle Lines after she was shot by Cole.


Michaela was a junior in high school, she played the flute in the school's band and was also on the vollyball team. Michaela perferd a small group of friends. When the apocalypse hit, her mother, father, and two sisters were all killed. she left her home with some food and clothes and walked out the door ready for whatever came to her. Pain made her the strong young women she was, and that kept her going. Michaela is not the type to lead however she does like being a strong supporter and likes to help whoever she can in any way. She does not like violence and is confedent that it can be solved another way.


Michaela is very flirty and also a girly girl, she can be very shy, but also at times be outgoing. She is very sweet and kindhearted. At times she is very emotionally strong and can help her group in a number of diffrent ways.

Season 2Edit

Prommised Land

Michaela is first seen repearing the droup's broken down bus. She lashes out at her boyfriend Noah for insulting a fellow survivor Ryder. When the group hears vehicle noises in the distance, Michaela and the others hide behind soem bushes, when they the three men amirge they are captured. Michaela and Sara were the only women of the group who were ok with this. Later Michaela sits on the bus, when it suddenly arrives to an abandon factory. Michaela and Noah help the others and secure the factory gate to prevent any walkers from entering. Later that night Michaela sits among a fire with the others as the moon shines on them.

New Law


Those Who Suffer


Catch a Tiger by the Tale




Harvest Moon


Mad Dog


Battle Lines



Killed ByEdit

When Michaela was captured by Cole and the group comes to rescue her, Cole gets in a rage and finds that there is no hope left. After Michaela continuously states that Deiego will kill him, Cole gets angry and therefore he shoots Michaela in the chest, and she bleeds to death in her friends arms.

Killed VictomsEdit

This list shows the victoms Michaela has killed.






Michaela was created by user: Hunter Biondolino

  • Michaela can speak fluant English and Filipnio languages.
  • Michaela was born in the Philippines, but later moved to America when she was 5.
  • Michaela was 17 years old during the events of season 2.
  • Actor: Anja Aguilar