Nathan Holt

First Appearance

Episode 12: Grip Of Fear





"Im not what you think I am" Nathan alluding to his condition.

Nathan Holt in a character set to appear in season 2 of Survival. He is portrayed by Gareth David Lloyd.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Nathan was a soldier in the Iraq war but was sent home due to Post Traumatic stress. He also vowed never to kill again after the things he had seen in the war. The worst being where his squad attacked a village of civilians that a miscomunication in the field led them to belive were terrorists.


When the apocalypse hit Nathan and his fiance Sally were hideing out in their appartment in their hometown outside of Atlanta. Nathan was forced to kill Sally after she reanimated after a bite from an infected neighbour.

The shock of this on top of his allready fragile mental state led to a qsychotic break and his mind fractured into two distinct personalities; a timid pasafist and a cold blooded killer. The other personality took over after Sally's death allowing Nathan to escape their appartment wich was quickly overun with Walkers who heard the shot used to kill Sally.

Soon after that Nathan met up with a small group of survivors and they baricaded themselves in a Cathedral where they remained reletively safe for three weeks. In that time his other personality only emerged to be a threat once when he nearly killed a fellow survivor in a fight only to be pulled off him at the last moment. Most of the survivors asumed he had been drinking like the man who attacked him. Only Monica a trainee qsychystrist was suspisious.

The safty of the Cathedral was destroyed when the group's leader Anton went mad and rang the cathedral bell drawing in the remaining walkers in the area in order to "save" himself and the others from the hell of this new world. Anton was killed by another survivor at the cost of said survivors life. The group fled the Cathedral into the nerby woods and spent a night hideing from the walkers that followed them by sleeping in the trees. Nathan's other personality also threatned Monica after she threatned Nathan at the Cathedral that she would reveal his condition if he did not side with those who had wanted Anton to stand down has leader, The other personality warned if she tried anything like that again he would kill her.

The next day the group found the walkers gone having been drawn off by a large explosion that occured the previous night. The survivors discovered the source of the explosion was two wrecked freight trains that had drawn in a large crowd of walkers. Initialy planing to go around them the group were forced to make a dangerous journey through and over the train to escape to approaching medium sized herds that were boxing them in. They managed to escape with no losses.

A month after that the group faced crisis when sevral of them fell ill due to drinking tainted water from a creek near a dumping sight for corpses the military had been useing durring the initial outbreak.Nathan and Michael went off to search for medicene at a nearby military base and returned to find the camp ransacked by bandits. They tracked them to a nearby town where Michael was killed by a booby trap set up the bandits.

Nathan eventualy found the banditis boasting how they had killed most of the group and left the sick out for the walkers. Enraged he accidently revealed himself forcing him to flee. After his other personality took over to help the escape he found a mortaly wounded Monica and killed her at her request.

New Year New ProblemsEdit

Nathan spent winter alone and took up residents in a water tower in an abandoned town. The combination of isolation and resulting depression led to him attempting suicide several times but his other personality would always take over and stop him. Instead he focussed his energies on studying Walkers and learnt several techniques to distract them and move around undected.

Eventualy the town was visited by a convoy controlled by Negan and his followers. Seeing their brutal ways from a distance Nathan decided to avoid them and remained hidden for several days. The group found one of his noise traps but believed whoever created it was either gone or dead. Nathan's other personaliy eventualy exposed their existance when he took over to defend Nathan from an attack by one of Negan's men. Negan in retaliation set half the town on fire looking for Nathan but he managed to escape as well has taken out several of Negan's men with captured walkers.

He eventualy setlled in an isolated cave in the Rockey Mountains and lived in isolation for several months untill becoming aware of a trio of survivors.


He appeares in episode 12 of season 1 where he starts a rockslide to kill a herd of walkers that were chaseing Mark and Moe. After killing the remaing walkers he leads the duo back to his home in a cave in the mountainside to treat Mark's injury from the rockslide.

Moe; suspisious of his behaviour and several items in the cave finds a journal in his posession matching the one Corey discovered in Black Pine. Confronting over it leads to his other personality coming out and threatening the pair before Mark manages to knock him out.


On the one hand a timid passafist who despises confrontation and always seeks a diplomatic solution to problems. Nathan is despretly struggling to retain his humanity and sense of right and wrong in a world where such values have little or no place. His biggest fear involving his other personality is not what he may do but that one day he will take over completly. His vow of never killing again caused some problems at the start of the apocalypse but he quickly realised that the walkers are not people so they can be killed. Despite this he still finds it difficult fighting them and prefers to avoid them.

His other personality is a coldblooded killer who murders his victims with little warning or thought. Monica compared him to a shark saying he kills on nessesity or if threatned. Despite this his killings are never random and he is aware that he needs to hold back in order to avoid supision. In such cases he resorts to threatsf of violence and threats to keep people quite or in line. He dose posess a vague sense of honour has he killed a rapist but spared his victim and performed a mercy kill on a survivor being torn apart by walkers.