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Presumably eaten by walkers; Unknown

Phill Maon is a character on Season One of The Walking Dead: Survival.


Phillip Mason was the only child born to an abusive mother and father. Until the age of 10, Phillip's parents abused him both mentally and physically and constantly blamed him for all their problems. Once he turned 10, his father went to prison for murder and his mother overdosed on drugs and died. At age 16, Phillip dropped out of highschool and joined a local ruthless gang and Phillip began doing hardcore drugs. Over the next few years, this gang grew into a big mob which started running protection rackets with local businesses. Phillip participated in robbing places, robbing people on the streets, brutally beating the owners of local businesses who failed to pay for their protection and he joined the drug trade. At age 22, Phillip was caught with drugs and sent to prison for a few years. Later when he caught out, he decided to set his priorities straight and got himself a full time job and settled down with a woman he met. But Phillip eventually fell back into his mob life and his girlfriend got fed up and left, taking their child with him. When the zombie apocalypse broke out, his child became infected and died, and his mob leader murdered his former girlfriend out of fear that she was infected. This nearly drove Phil insane and caused him to murder his mob leader to avenge his girlfriend whom he stil cared for. Phil took control of the mob and is currently leading them through the apocalypse. Phil and his group murder other survivors and steal their food and supplies.


Independant, Cruel, Violent temper.