Sara Johnson
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race Caucasan-American
Faction Bus Group/Factory Group
Health None
Level None
Status Dead- (Catch a Tiger by the Tale)- Punished to death and shot by Cole
Location Factory/Chems:SIB
Sara Johnson is a caracter that appears in Season 2 of Survival. She appeard first in the episode Prommised Land. She died in Catch A Tiger by the Tale, when she was sentenced to death, and killed by Cole.


Born in FL like her brother Slade. She enjoyed her life even though it was rough and harsh. When Slade left going to Georgia with his band, she stayed in FL to look after their drunk father even though he mistreated her. During this time she was damaged good getting beaten by her father and raped at one point calling her "Angel". When the oubreak happend and walkers came in. Her father Robert stumbled around breaking his leg as he tripped down the stairs. Grabbing Sara's leg begging for help, she made a choice taking a pair of sissors she stabbed him in the hand and left him for dead. Escaping through the window she could hear him scream and she just kept running.


Sara tries to see the light in everything. She is a kind soft spoken person who cares deeply about others, even willing to put herself in front of them. She is a peacemaker type of person wanting to bring everyone together rather then have them all fighting for themselves.


Sara was created by user: Seika777

  • Actor: Danielle Harris
  • Sara is 18 years old.