Season Six of The Walking Dead the Survival has been confirmed. After the events of the previous season the revalation of larger game afoot for the first time the Survivors are split apart. While some will attempt a harrow journey to rescue a lost and seek answers the other will remain in the city. A city that despite the safety of its walls is showing cracks in its foundations.

Main CastEdit

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Slade Johnson

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Bill Goldberg as Cage "Hunter" Jackson

Eric Mabius as Michael Everet

Mila Kunis as Tamara Jason

Jeremy Irons as Tobias Redcliff

Jessica Beil as Penelope Bryte

Emily De Ravin as Amy Sylas

Joey Graceffa as Joshua Dems

Baille Madisson as Penny Bryte

Ian Nelson as James Dodson

Emmett Skilton as Adam Park


1. Sunset on Sanctuary Edit

Exploration of an enemy stronghold is the beginning of answering questions and the start of an epic journey.

2. The Lot of Chance Edit

With the revalation of a serious threat difficult choices must be made for the safety of the community.

3. Blood on the Water Edit

Chasing after their missing friend the survivors soon find that traveling on the ocean is no less dangerous in a world ruled by the dead.

4. Leviathan Edit

Continuing the hunt the surviors encounter both wonders and a trap left from a by gone world.

5. The Ones we Leave Behind Edit

Back in the city those left behind try to carry on with life as normal; but worry and fresh wounds make things a challenge.

6. The Dark of the Ocean Edit

A night at sea brings up memories of home along with hope and fear for the future.

7. Plague Ship Edit

A potential site to resupply reveals a shocking secret.

8. Cracks in the Foundation Edit

Tensions run high and the safety of the city comes into serious question.

9. Machinations of Maniacs Edit

Revalations about the fate of missing friend reveal the dark truth behind a sinister plan.

10. Welcome to the New World Edit

Setting foot on land once more the searching surviors find themselves in a familiar if alien world.

11. A Bargain with the Devil Edit

In search of a key piece of information a terrible bargain must be struck.

12. Fire at the Edge of Eden Edit

Closing in on the answers the surivors learn their enemies have a shocking end game should their plans fail.

13. To Seal the Dragon's MawEdit

A desperate search leads to a daring escape and a race to stop a terrible wrath.