Death March is the fourth episode in the Walking Dead: A Good Soldier Webisode series.


We open in the woods where several walkers are seen stumbling along the woods. The tower of the Cathedral can be seen in the background. The walkers appear to be looking for something but have lost the trail and are now wandering. Suddenly a rustleing is heard and a metal cup drops to the ground.

Walker 1: Ughhh

The walker approaches the droped item and looks up at the leaves seeing only green. It lets out a frustrayted groan and stalks off ignoring the fallen object.

Nathan (Whispering): That was close.

We pull back to reveal the survivors are in the trees pearched in the branches along with their gear and packs. Monica and Nathan are in one tree and the survivors are spread out nearby two to three to a tree.

Michael (Whispering): Lets just be thankfull its still Summer.

Beth (Whispering): Yeah but we cant stay here much longer with those fucks around prety soon their gonna.....

The sound of a huge explosion rips through the air with a thunderous roar. From an arial shot we can se a pilar of smoke begining to rise in the distance.

The Survivors react in shock gripping tighter to the trees to be sure they dont fall out. Ash a mechanic still wearing muddy blue overalls and clutching a wrench cegged in blood peers through the leaves to look below.

Ash( Whispering ): Their leaving.

Sure enough the walkers are stumbling off attracted by the sound of the explosion. For a few tense moments the survivors wait until they are sure the walkers are gone before speaking at normal volume.

Jacob: What the hell was that? The Army?

Nathan: Dont think so.

Monica: Whatever it was it drew the walkers away lets be thankful for that at least.

Carly: So now what where do we go from here? Atlanta?

Michael: We're no going anywhere for now look...

He indicates to the fact the sky is starting to go dark.

Arthur (Gets where Michael is coming from): He's right at best will end up walking in circles in the dark at worse we run into walkers.

Beth: So what we sleep in the trees how is that gonna work?

Jacob: Here.. (He tosses some climbing rope and clips around ) we tie ourselves and our gear into the trees so nobody falls out in the night.

Everyone gets to work strapping in for the night.


It now the dead of night and we see Monica sleeping face has a shadow falls over it. She is jerked roughly awake has somone clamps a hand over her mouth and pulls her to her feat having removed the climbing ropes that held her in the tree. She struggles but her atacker holds her in a vice like grip dangling her over the edge of the branch they are on . Fron the height the fall could seriously injure her.

Other Nathan: Scream and Ill cut your throat

He sticks his head out of the shadows and the diffrence between him and Nathan becomes quickly apparent. Their is a predatory look in his eyes and his face has a lopsided grin has he holds Monica like a cat with a mouse. He moves his hand from her mouth but keeps it hovering nearby waiting to strike,

Monica: Na...

He squezzes her throat silencing her

Other Nathan: Quite youl wake the others and I'm really not in the mood or position to explain myself to them.

She quits her strugling and looks at him carefully waiting for him to make the next move.

Other Nathan: Now lets gets something straight I know you dont like me and I dont like you.... hell id kill you if I could get away with it but it would raise to many questions.

He sighs in frustration

Other Nathan: So here's the deal.... you try any of that bullshit you were talking about at the church ill leave you hanging from a tree for the walkers to find.

Then withought missing a beat he runs his knife over her exposed arm leaving a shallow cut causeing Monica to wince in pain.

Other Nathan: Consider that a warning

He lets her go and slides back into the shadows of the tree. Monica is frozen in fear for a few seconds before she begins to frantically attend to her arm.

Next day

The sun is shining over a field has the survivors trek along a walking path. They are alert for danger but the beauty of the envioment is putting them at ease. It makes you forget for a moment that their is anything wrong. Monica is walking some distance behind Nathan watching him cautiously has he chats plesantly with Michael. Ash approaches her.

Ash: He seems better today

Monica: Mmhmm

Ash notices her bandaged arm

Ash: What happened there?

Monica looks over at Nathan who has turnned to watch them; a plesant smile but his eyes are unreadable. She has no way of telling who's watching her.

Monica: Its noting just scrammed myself on a tree branch.

Nathan turns back to walking catching up with the others who are looking at something at the top of the hill. He stops to catch his breath before looking up and freezes.

Nathan: What the hell.....

Down below we see the wreck of two freight trains that have colided on the the track below. Several cars are strewn across the field and one train is compleatly destroyed. The other is mostly intacts and still of the tracks. The scary thing is the massive crowd of walkers surrounding the wreck. They have mostly crowded around the more damaged of the two trains. Deveral of the walkers are on fire oblivious to what is happening to them while the smoldering figures of some badly burned walkers crawl across the ground. The group of survivors have now gathered.

Ash: Guess we know what drew the walkers off last night.

Michael: Yeh.... Jesus their must be hundreds of them.

Nathen: Yeh...( he starts to laugh)

Ash: What the hell's so funny.

Nathan: You dont see it... look this path will take uss across the hill and on to the main road and with all the walkers here the way must be light or compleatly clear.

Arthur: Shit he's right... who knows the next town might be clear and I think we could use a few fresh supplies.

Everyone is grinning at the thought while Monica has takken the time to look around with the binoculars and her smile turns to dread when she looks at the path ahead. We se a group of about 70 walkers appear.

Monica: Guys get in the tall grass now!

Michael: What... shit.

Everyone now see's the walkers and duck into the grass and are fortunatly not seen by the walkers. Whats worse they can see another heard approaching from the grass onto the path the survivors used.

Ash: Fuck... were boxed in their gonna find us for sure sooner or later.

Arthur: What can we do now?

Carly: We go forward.

Everyone looks at her like she has gone mad.

Michael: Are you kidding the crash is swarming with walkers, they would be on us in minutes!

Carly: Have you got a better idea? We stay here we are dead, we go we might have a chance.

Everyone looks at each other there is no other option.

Nahan: Fine.... lead the way.