Webisode One: "What Made Me"

Moe is staring at a dying man bleeding out from his throat on a dirty bed in a cheap motel in Florida. The morning sun coming in through the dusty blinds makes the blood sparkle. He thinks to himself how easy it is to take the life of a man. The blood starts to soak the pillow now as the man gasps for his last few seconds of life. Moe says "Allah Ackbar." Moe tells himself "this was not murder, this was the will of Allah." Moe starts to think of his past as a child in the middle east playing in the village with his older brother Khaliq. Everything was simple then. Eat, pray, sleep. Then the bombs came from the sky and their family was no more. The only survivors were himself, his brother, and his dying little sister. He held her and stared into her eyes as her life drifted away. Without parents or anywhere to go his older brother led him to the guidance of a terrorist organization. Well obviously they were trained to kill. Trained to hate. Encouraged so in the name of Allah. "I never take a life unless it is justified" Moe says to himself. " I believe in jihad but you have it wrong." He says to the dying man. "You just want to kill anyone. I refuse to take the life of an innocent, of women, of children!." This is not the way he thinks to himself. "I hate their government, not their people. They don't know any better!!" He screams. "The only target I care about is the man that gave the order to bomb my village. My family, my sister. I will kill only him. Do you think that a huge body count will be justified?" He says to the man as he gasps for air. "How many have we killed? How many lives have been ruined like mine?" He asks. He then holds the man in his arms as life starts to fade away and says "Goodbye Khaliq. May Allah give you the peace you never had." Moe sheds a tear and then says a prayer. He grabs a ticket to Disney World off a crusty desk and tells the corpse that was once his brother "This morning I will enjoy what life I have left, and tommorow I will kill the man that ruined both our lives. Allah Ackbar."

Webisode Two: "A Rude Awakening"

As Moe was walking back to the motel he was reflecting on the day spent at the theme park. The rides. The games. The laughter of children. He enjoyed all things Disney, but what he really enjoyed was the laughter of children. The laughter that he and Khaliq once enjoyed. "Khaliq, why would you not listen to me." He whispers to himself. He turns the key on the door to his room and enters staring at the lifeless corpse on the bed. "You brought this on yourself, but I to will pay for what I have done. Just like you have paid for what you have done. What we have done! What you wanted us to do" He reasons with the corpse. He lays on the couch and closes his eyes with one last thought. "We all pay for our sins." Hours later he wakes up to a noise. Not the scream outside, but the noise coming from the restroom. His eyes quickly scan the room and then focus on the empty bloodstained bed. He gets up cautiously thinking that the feds are on to him, but thinks to himself "Why would they take the body and not me." He shouts towards the restroom. "Khaliq? Is that you." He then approaches the half opened door and places one hand upon it. He slowly opens it and then gasps in horror at what he sees. His brother is standing there with a slightly severed head. He no longer appears human but has the sadness in his eyes that he has always had. In a split second the thing he once called his brother comes foward at him knocking him on his back snapping at him with its jaws. Moe pushes his head up and screams "Even in death, you feel the need to take life!!!" Moe swings him off of him and backs up against the desk. He reaches in his pocket and feels his lighter in his hand and stares at an instrument that will end his brothers suffering. " I will make sure you take no more innocent lives Khaliq. I walk my own path now and not the one you want." Moe then picks up the molotov cocktail, lights it and throws it onto the beast that he once loved. Soon almost the entire room is engulfed in flames. Through the smoke Moe grabs some homemade devices and his SKS. He makes it to the door way and sees his flaming brother still crawling towards him. Moe raises his weapon, fires one round, and says a prayer. He walks outside to screaming people, sirens, and shouting on bullhorns that sound like millitary personel. He looks to the sky and screams "Is this my punishment!?!?! Not even you can stop me from killing the man that destroyed my life!!" He then mumbles as he runs down the street "I will have my revenge."

Webisode Three: "A Silver Platter"

Moe gets into his car and starts to take off. "I must get there. I must succeed." As he is driving he notices the chaos, the tears, and the blood shed. He sees people running to military personel only to quickly be fired upon. The only time he stops is when he sees a woman leaning into a babies carriage. He gets out of his car and walks to the woman only to be horrified at what he sees. A woman eating what remains of what he can only assume is her child. He then puts a bullet into the mothers heart. This only alerts her to his presence and she starts to approach him. He fires two more rounds and she still keeps on coming. He then fires one into her head. "This must be what puts these abominations down." As he stares at the lifeless mother he says "No child should have to suffer like this." He re-enters his car and after a short while of driving he reaches his destination. He approaches the gate of the house and wonders why there is no security. He attaches a small explosive device to the gate and blows it open. As he is walking down the path to the door he sees two people in the distance slowly approaching him. As they get closer he fires two shots and they are both dropped. He continues on and opens the unlocked front door of the manor. "This is too easy" He says to himself. As he investigates to quiet house he sees portraits of the man he deems to kill with pictures of him, his wife, and his daughter. He pushes aside emotion and continues on to open a door to a room. What he sees is two of the three in the picture. The daughter is tearing open the mothers stomache. The women turns her head and stares at Moe with tears falling down her face. "She is not even fighting back." He hesitantly shoots the child in the head and grabs the crying womans hand. She moans. "I just wanted to protect her. She was bitten by one of those things. I had no idea this would happen. I only wanted her to be happy.... I will come back just as her. Please kill me so I can be with her." Moe is silent, stands up, and aims his gun at her head. "May Allah be with you" He fires and then hears a noise upstairs. He slowly walks up the stairs and opens a door named office. What he sees is the nameplate and behind it the man who caused the death of his family, who "caused" him to kill his brother, but he was allready dead in a sense. This man was just sitting there with flesh starting to seperate from bone. Strangely he had the same sadness in his eyes that Moe's brother had. "So this is what we have become?" He asks the living dead man. "All my life I have dreamt of this moment, but now seeing you like this, I feel cheated." He says. "My life could have been completely different, but now I realize if you did not give the order you gave I would not be prepared for what this world offers us now. I thought you ruined my life and you may very well have. I want to say I thank you and I forgive you." Out of mercy he aims and shoots the moaning corpse in the head whispering one more time "Thank you."

Webisode Four: "Jihad?"

Weeks have passed since he put the man to rest that he thought ruined his life. Over the course of the time he has learned to follow his faith and how to deal with these living dead. He often thinks of their eyes. The eyes of his brother and the eyes of the man he hated, but for the most part the eyes of his dying sister before all this happened. After weeks of thought he has realized it was not fear in her eyes, but the look of hope. Hope that this world could be better. "I will give her, her hope by waging war on these abominations." He says to himself. "I always followed my older brother but I should of followed the love she had for this world." As he was lost in his thought we wandered into a neighborhood. He hears a noise to his right and is almost tackled by a walker. He then bashes its head in with the butt of his SKS. He stares at the remains of what once was a head and thinks to himself. "These things mean to harm everything and everyone just like my brother. They are full of the hunger to kill he had. I must stop them." After his thought he looks up and sees a large group of walkers coming down the street. He then begins to shoot at them taking down a few. The noise starts to be noticed and more begin to come down all directions of the street. "I will kill you all!!!!" He screams. He starts tossing homemade hand grenades into the crowd. Explosions start happening even sending small pieces of body parts shrapnel into his own skin. He then sees a small shadow out of the corner of his eye crawling on top of a roof. He could of swore he heard the figure saying "This way. Stop making so much noise" He continues to fire as the horde approachs closer. With only a few seconds until the horde reaches him he prepares to detonate a device to kill them all he feels a small hand pull his. He looks down at this little person in hooded jacket covored in human remains guiding him to a ladder leading him to safety. After they reach a safe distance Moe asks "Who are you?" and is only answered with silence. The small figure then removes his hood to reveal the face of a child. "I never thought I would be rescued by a kid. I thank you." Says Moe. "Are you hungry he asks? I have some left over beef jerky." One again greeted by silence. "Who are you?" He once again asks. The small figure then silently answers "Corey." Moe then replies. "My name is Muhammed, but you can call me Moe."