the walking dead: mala praxis follows the history of Luis Ospino, a doctor who got caught in a foreign country during the outbreak, he now must survive with his group, under the pressure of being their savior, and their leader.




-Connor: Hey doc, you up?

-He was, he hasn’t had a single night of sleep since last week “herd”, they lost too many, he had to kill them, everyone expected him to do so, treating infections used to be simple, now it’s a death sentence. He looked at the kid in the doorway, thin; pale could easily use 20 more pounds, so weak for 15 years old boy.

-Doc: yes, is there any problem?

-Connor: it’s Clair, again

-The man stood up, his dark messy hair made him look like a homeless, Latin origins, he was handsome, he now is not sure about it anymore. He walked the three rooms that separated him from Connor and Clair’s bedroom, there she was, a 37 y/o blond woman who made Connor look like the healthiest guy in the world.

-Doc: how are you Clair?

-Clair: (whispering) we both know I’m dying doc, this is useless.

-Doc: there’s a hospital nearby, once there we’ll get the supplies we need, I promise

-Clair: Doc, you can’t cure me, you know that right?

-Doc: I can make you feel better, there’s no need to suffer

-He took a syringe out of his pocket and injected Clair, she smiled before falling asleep. Connor watched; no tears or sadness in his face just gratitude.

-Doc: Connor, call the others, we need to get to the hospital today.


-Doc: all right everyone listen up!

-A group of twenty persons watched in silence, they respected him as an authority even though there were soldiers and cops in the group, they all looked up at him, what do they want? That’s what he asked at himself when they looked at him with those hopeful faces.

-Doc: we got to get the supplies, Clair is in pain, Agatha, Christian and Ashton might die from pneumonia if we don’t get the antibiotics, the herd didn’t let us take much, nor that we have that much either. Any ideas?

-A tall, blonde muscular man raised his huge hand, the doc made him a sign for him to talk

-Grant: cliff and I have been making shots in the other direction of the hospital hoping the creeps will follow, yesterday we saw it a lot emptier, I think a group of five shooters besides you doc can handle it.

-Doc: any volunteers?

-Cliff and Grant raised their hands, Ann (a red haired ex-firefighter did too), Evan (white, tall, brown hair, maybe too much freckles, thirty something) and finally Connor and Caroline (short black hair, black woman with an extremely good aim)

-Doc: all right I guess that makes us seven, pack your stuff and get ready, we´ll part at noon.


There was not that much to pack, he had a gun, an old Beretta ninety- whatever he thinks and an axe, a little axe actually, it served him well till now, some food, and maybe some supplies for any wound that might happen, what else could he need…

-Evan: why so thoughtful Luis?

-Luis: you’re the first person that called me by my name in a long time

-Evan: you prefer me to call you doc?

-Luis stood up, walked towards Evan pulled him into the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

-Call me what you want he said, and they both kissed, what else could he need, now he knew.

THE HALL (noon):

-Cliff: all right everyone´s ready? It’s not a long way, maybe a 30 min walk

-Caroline Ann and Grant, nod, Connor was too nervous, the doc and Evan were coming down the stairs

-Luis: we are ready

-Grant to Luis (whispering): are you sure about bringing the kid doc? He seems sick he may delay us

-Luis: if your mother were sick, you would like to help too right grant?

-Grant: all right all right just sayin’ I hope we all get back

-Luis: we will

-Cliff: Let’s go! Open the front doors!

-Light… space, it seems like years since they last went out of that filthy hotel

-Cliff: all right, time to go, keep close

-They all started walking


-Grant: this is not so bad.

-Caroline: what?

-Grant: just two bastards in a 20 min walk, easy as shit.

-Connor: you think there will be more in the hospital?

-Cliff: that place is always crawling with them, but if we go silently we can get in and out before they realize it.

-Connor: heh that would be nice.

-Grant: get ready; we’re getting there, just around the corner.

-Ann: there it is, Oh shit!!

-Grant: nah, it’s not a big deal, twenty or thirty, we can handle this

-Ann: I guess the herd is still in my head, sorry

-Evan: no need to say sorry, we all lost something that day

-Luis: all right let’s do this!!

-Grant, Cliff and Ann: HELL YEAH!!!


Two men were looking at the group from the top of a building through binoculars.

-Man 1: who are they?

-Man 2: beats me, they are going to the hospital

-Man 1: you think they know anything about medicine?

-Man 2: maybe… or maybe they are just as dumb as we are

-Man 1: call the others, we’ll find out

-Man 2: this little trip just got a hell fucking more interesting heheh.

Episode 2: HEALTH CAREEdit


-Grant: you sure you want to do this?

-Cliff: yeah, it’s safer than just breaking in with all those monsters around.

-Ann: so it’s settled, Cliff and I will distract them and draw them as far away as possible from the hospital, you guys get in take what you need and get out and we´ll meet at the hotel tonight.

-Evan: seems too easy

-Cliff: that’s because you’re not the bait, make them follow its easy, but losing them… that’s another story

-Luis: we can always use force

-Cliff: Nah, there are like 30 of those things outside the hospital and who knows how many inside, we will follow the law of less effort

-Ann: all right so come on, let’s do this

-Caroline: we’ll see you tonight

-Ann: of course, good hunting miss aim. (smiling)

The group just watched as the two of them were running towards the street, Cliff shooting at the air and screaming, suddenly all of the walkers started running desperately to get them, while they just ran away and vanished in the next corner

-Luis: let’s go, now it’s our turn.

-Connor: it’s really quiet now that they’re gone

-Caroline: they can be really quiet, keep your eyes open, if anything moves and grunts kill them

-Grant to Connor: you sure know how to use that gun don’t you?

-Connor: yeah, I can handle it

-Luis: that won’t be necessary, Connor you and I are going to search for the stuff we need, Caroline grant and Evan will cover us, got it? Don’t shoot if you don’t have to.

-Connor: yes sir.

-Evan: something’s odd

-Grant: there he goes

-Evan: there has been not a single walker coming out of the hospital, the shots should have warned them

-Grant: maybe they did not listen

-Connor: maybe there are no walkers in the hospital

-Grant: ain’t that cute?

-Luis: Evan’s right, something’s keeping them inside

-Caroline: shh there’s one there.

A walker was briefly seen, running towards the hospital and getting in before Caroline could pull the trigger.

-Caroline: What’s happening in there?

-Grant: ain’t that obvious? They found food.



-Luis: everything seems pretty calm. If there’s any walkers in here they must be far away

-Grant: let’s focus use the you are here map and find us the pharmacy, Evan and I will go and take a look at the situation, Caroline, you cover them

-Caroline: sure or how would you say it? Aye aye?

-Grant: huh you’re playing with fire miss

Grant and Evan walked away as Luis tried to clean the building map from blood and all kind of dirt.

-Luis: all right so we are here, the reception the pharmacy can’t be that far away

-Caroline: so, doc, you and freckles?

-Luis: excuse me?

-Caroline: he’s cute, got my eye on him but I got my eye on Grant too, huh I just want to get laid

-Connor: Ehem ehem

-Caroline: what? You’re old enough, you’ll start to feel the urge soon

-Luis: hehe, the pharmacy is passing the patio, this place is bigger than it looks

-Caroline: nice dodge

-Luis: thanks, let’s go and find the guys


They both felt like they’ve been running forever but that’s what you get when a bunch of walkers are behind you trying to eat your guts.

-Cliff: that building, well find shelter there

-Ann: we’ll be trapped

-Cliff: we’ll find a way out once we stop running, we can’t run forever

-Ann: Fine, but if I die I’m so going to kill you for this

They ran towards a new building with metal gates, fancy looking, wish they have seen it before picking the hotel they’re living now as their new home

-Ann: come one climb it (while halfway to the top of the gates)

-Cliff: I’m going monkey woman

-Ann: we did it, YES!!!

-Cliff: shut up you want to lure any walkers in this place?

-Ann: we can handle one or two

-Cliff: let’s find a way out

-Ann: CAN I AT LEAST CATCH MY BREATH FIRST? No? I’ll take your silence as a no.



-Connor: GRANT!!! EVAN!!!

-Caroline: don’t scream you moron, it’s like you forget were surrounded by zombies

-Grant running towards them: something’s wrong?

-Luis: no, everything’s ok

-Grant: you found the pharmacy?

-Luis: yeah you just have to go straight through the patio

-Grant: oh man, that’s not going to be easy

Grant guided them to a window; Evan was watching with his eyes wide open, outside, the patio, was filled with dozens of walkers.

-Connor: what are they doing there?

-Caroline: They are eating

-Connor: eating what? A Dog?

-Evan: that’s way bigger than a dog buddy

-Luis: we have to get there

-Grant: Bait and run?

-Luis: huh?

-Grant: there are four exits in the patio if we open one they’ll pour out running towards any other kind of food, Evan and I can do it

-Luis: whatever it takes guys we need this


-Evan: you sure you can run fast old man?

-Grant: just watch me (opening the gates with his saw)


They both started running, and so did the walkers, Caroline Connor and Luis just watched as three dozens of walkers went out through the western door, and just got lost, leaving only ten walkers behind.. Feeding.

-Luis: all right let’s get in before they come back

It all happened smoothly before they crossed the door, Caroline killed two with his rifle and Luis killed the nearest one with his axe, by the moment he got the second one Caroline got three more and Connor one, leaving only two walkers standing, now the food was completely visible or what was left of it, it was a man, middle aged perhaps, poor bastard, no time to think about it now.

-Caroline: I got this, GO!!

Luis and Connor got to the door reading pharmacy; Luis stopped by the door and warned to Connor that he saw something moving in through the window.

-Luis: get ready there may be some walkers inside

-Connor: yes, sir

-Luis: we´ll open it at the count of three… one….. Two….

The door suddenly got wide open and before any of them could react a man punched Connor in the face while another one grabbed Luis and put a gun to his head, looking at Caroline as if saying “don’t even think about it”, both disarmed and immobilized were hopeless as a third man came through the door.

-Man1: well well well, what took you so long?



Luis Caroline and Connor lie blindfolded in the backseat, a white muscled man was pointing a gun at them while a dark skinned man drives the car.

-White man: you cozy in there?

-Connor: what do you want from us?!!! Let us go!!!!

-White man: oh don’t make me punch you again… we are taking a trip that’s all if you behave no one’s going to get hurt.

-Radio: hey pine, you there?

-Pine (white man): say it

-Radio man: we could not find it men… there were walkers everywhere, they did not came back to the rendezvous

-Pine: you are going to stay here until you find them you idiot, we aint leaving anyone behind.

-Radio man: ok, ok i´m going to take another look

-Pine: what about the others?

-Radio man: we got the two that distracted the monsters back at the patio, but we could not find the bait, I think they got killed in some fancy restaurant.

-Pine: make sure they´re dead you hear me

-Radio man: yes Pine of course

-Pine to the group: you hear that two of you might have been eaten by zombies, that’s what you get for playing bait you morons… don’t worry we wont let you die… well not in the hands of those monster heheheh


10 men stood in front of the fancy metal gates, all of them covered in blood and guts, around them dozens of walkers lied down, their heads destroyed. A man talked to the group, his voice was the same that was talking to pine trough the radio.

-Man1: all right they got in... it’s time to make sure they’re dead

-Man 2: c´mon men this place must be crowded, think about it, they cant be alive

-Man 1: two of our men are missing chasing those bastards; they could still be alive inside.

-Man 3: what if they don’t, we might be walking into a certain dead like in the hospital.

-Man 1: you want to get back? THEN GET THE FUCK INSIDE!!!

-Man 2: all right let’s get in

-Man 3: This is a mistake Dean (man1) this is all fucked up

-Dean: we just have to make sure we get out


The car moved through the deserted streets of the town till the plaza, there a barricade of cars and buses was put so that no one can get into the center.

-Pine: Wake up princesses, we’re here and you need to climb. Byron release them.

-Byron (while releasing Caroline): don’t try anything stupid

-Caroline: you better watch out your weapons. Or you are a dead man

-Byron: hmm bluffer

-Luis: what is this place?

-Pine: it’s the best we could build in so little time, the health of our group is deteriorating, we’ve been experimenting with meds and stuff, but we need a doctor, and you (pointing at Luis) we heard you talking at the patio, you know a thing or two about medicine don’t you?

-Luis: I might.

-Pine: GOOD!! Then you’re going to help us hypocrathic oath and all that

-Luis: I have conditions, I want my group free

-Pine: you’re not prisoners, you’re guests

-Luis: I want them free.

-Pine: tell you what, I’ll let them live, if you help us, then we’ll see, but we can’t let you go men, we are dying, we need you

-Luis: ill teach you the basis

-Pine: bullshit. You better get used to us because you’re staying here. We´ll give you water we´ll give you food, what else do you want?

-Connor: we need to get back.

-Byron: we can get your whole group back, we have trucks, you’ll be safe here, and we could use you, the more the merrier.

-Caroline: I don’t trust them

Another car stopped behind them, Evan and Grant went down blindfolded, while three men pointed their guns at them.

-Luis: it’s hard to trust you when you attacked us

-Pine: I’ll tell you what, have a look around, help us and then you can decide wherever or not to stay

-Caroline: sounds reasonable. But don’t try anything stupid (while looking at Byron)

The group then started to climb a bus to get to the inside part of the barricade.


The group walked through the front garden of the building, there were a couple of walkers here and there, two of them recently killed.

-Dean: doesn’t seem that crowded if you ask me

-Man 2: neither did the hospital

-Dean: you´ve got a point there

-Man3: there’s the door, finally this place is like a fucking maze

-Dean: what are you waiting for? An invitation? OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!

-Man3: all right all right

As soon as he opened the door a dozen of walkers jumped at him and bit his face off, the others could only watch in horror as he cried in pain.

-Dean: get them!!!!

-Man 2: there’s too fucking many run!!!

-Man4: to the gates now

-Man2: fuck it, you left the gates open!!!!

-Dean: dear lord!!!

A group of thirty walkers were pouring trough the gates, there was nowhere to run


The group ran trying to shoot anything that moved, in the backyard a group of walkers were devouring what appeared like two bodies, and served as a distraction, they climbed a huge tree, but only six made it to the roof.

-Man 2: oh god… what are we going to do

-Dean: what do you think we are getting the fuck out of here for good

-Man 4: what about the other group the two that were missing, what about our own we too have two missing men

-Dean: YOU THINK THE ARE FUCKING ALIVE IN HERE??!!! THOSE BODIES WERE THEM, THEY ARE NOTHING NOW!!! We are going to jump the walls, get to our vehicles and get out.

-Man 2: what are we going to say?

-Dean: that we saw their bodies…. The four bodies. Got it?



-All of them: YES SIR!!

-Dean: now let’s get the hell out of here

-Man4: what about our bike? Shouldn’t we search for it?

-Dean: you wanna search for it? Go on, do it, I am leaving.


Pine guided the group towards the church right in the middle of the plaza; a woman opened the doors and greeted him and Byron.

-Pine: how is she Jules?

-Jules: not so well

-Pine: we have a doctor, things might be easier now. Get food for the other four, you M.D. you come with me.

-Caroline: No deal

-Luis: Caroline, let him, eat something, I’ll see you later

-Caroline: watch your back

-Luis: I will

Luis and pine went through a door, inside there was a huge hall, full of people, four dozens of beds, he could see men and women, no kids, all of them looking at him, as if he was some kind of miracle, he knew that look, Connor looked at him like that all the time, they knew he was a doctor. Pine stopped before another door, opened it and inside there was a single bed, in a small room, there an extremely pale woman looked at them. She was in her lasts weeks of pregnancy, and she didn’t look healthy at all.

-Pine: She’s Mary, she needs you, and you are going to stay in here till she gets better.

-Luis: that wasn’t the deal


-Mary: who is he?

-Pine: he’s a doctor

-Mary: for real?

-Pine: I said I would get one didn’t i?

Luis looked at her better, she was just a kid, 16 tops, her body might not be capable of giving birth to a baby. Pine was right; she was going to die without a doctor.

-Luis: ill need the bag that we got back at the hospital

-Pine: anything you need doctor.

-Luis: I’ll stay but let the other ones go

-Pine: look at this place, its safe we can get the rest of your group in here

-Luis: there is no more group. Let them go

-Pine: Dr. whatever, let’s make this clear, you are not leaving, we are offering you something anyone would kill to have, safety.

-Luis: and I am offering you her life

-Pine: stay the night; we’ll escort them in the morning.

-Luis: give me the bag, she needs medicine.


-Dean (getting into his car): all right everyone, get into the cars and let’s go, we all know what we gotta say hurry up we might have half an hour of light.

The group got into their respective cars and drove away; behind them in an alley someone was watching them.

-Ann (in the back of a motorcycle): we must stay out of sight

-Cliff: don’t worry precious I’ve done this before

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