Amoung the Wolves is the fith episode of The Walking Dead A Good Soldier webisode series.


We near some tall grass close to the back of the most intact train. The survivors are crouched in the grass watching for an opening. There is a large number of walkers mulling around the train. Fortunatly the fire and smell of burnt flesh is masking the smell of the survivors.

Michael: Ok now.

He and Monica make a break from the grass and run to the nearest car wich has a partialy open door. They get in saftely. Inside we se a lot of diffrent boxes and a single walker of a porter turning to face them.

Michael: Ive got this one.

He approaches the walker and stabs it throgh the eye with a crowbar killing it instantly has the others arive.

Ash: Was that the only one?

Michael: Yeh

Beth: We better check to be sure.

Monica: How about shutting the door I dont want any uninvite guests dropping by.

Jacob and Carly struggle to pull the door shut and only get it closed so far before it jams. The opening is big enough for a reguar sized person to squeze through with effort but a skinny walker might be able to get through.

Carly: It will have to do.

Jacob: Yeh lets just try to be has quite as possible.

The return to see Ash trying to open the opposite door.

Carly: Ash dont!

Ash: I'm not going to open in all the way.

Nathan: Its to dangerous there could be hundreds of them out there.....

Ash: Then what do you suggest?

Nathan: I.....

He sighs and looks around for anything useful before catching sight of a hatch in the roof.

Nathan: There (points to the hatch) If we can get up there we can get get on the roof and check the numbers.

Michael: That could work.

Ash (starting to move some boxes to make a ladder): Carly you keep watch with Arthur the rest of you help me with this stuff.

They get to work moving the boxes into position and anything they can use out of the way. Anything  that could be of use for travel is also taken and put into bags. Finaly they have made a stable enough ladder for a person to climb on. Michael had gone up first and carefuly opens the hatch strugling not to make a sound. After a few tries he pries it open and slides through the gap. A few seconds later he gives the signle for the others to follow.

A few minutes later everyone is on top of the train looking down the other side. There are a few walkers but not as many and it would be easy for the survivors to manuver around them and into the nearby field to escape. The trouble is the comotion they could make might draw in the walkers on the otherside of the train.

Carly: Now what, one wrong move and we will have an army of those things on our tail.

Arthur: We could wait until dark... be easier to sneak down and a few of them could have wandered off by then.

Monica: I dont know.... what if the fire gets worse or dies down and they smell uss we would be trapped.

Ash: Either way we cant sit here all night... we practicaly gave those fucks a lader up to uss if some of the skinny ones get in here.

Everyone is quite and trying to think up an idea when Michael hits a brain storm.

Michael: Sound

Jacob: What?

Michael: Sound.... look when this started my dorm was untouched while next door was swarmed. I couldnt figure it out before but now I think about it there was a party going on there that you would have heard hald a street away.

Nathan: Your right we all so how quickly those things came running back at the church and the sound of the crash must have been like a flare for every walker in the area.

Ash: That still dosent help us here unless you suggest we start screaming our lungs out to get there attention.

Everyone is quite at this, despite how close they have become the prospect of self sacrife to the monsterts down below is to terryfing to consider.

Michael: Wait a minute... Ash have got any batteries?

Ash: Yeh a few.... why?

Michael: I saw  a CD player and some speakers back in the train.... if we hook them up to the far side of the train and leave them blasting it could draw the walkers away....

Carly: And while those dumb stiffs are following the music we are home free.

Monica: Its the best we have we have...

She cant finish has Michael has allready disapeared back into the train.

We go back into the train to see Michael drop down into the inside has lightly as possible to begin his search. He finds the speakers easily enough and is going for the cd player when a snarl distracts him has a walker shufles by outside the train. It dosent see him but in fright Michael backs into a stack of items knocking them over. The sound is enought to draw the attention of several walkers outside who turn twords the train car. One of them see's Michael and lets out a hungry snarl.

Michael: Shit

He grabs the CD player and scrambles up the makeshift ladder knocking it to pieces once he reaches the top.

Nathan: What happend?

Michael: Long story short they know we are here now.

Ash: Shit.

Monica: No its ok we can still use the cd try and keep them distracted.

Carly: are you sure?

Monica: It the only plan we have so.....

Suddenly the side of the train luches slightly and a metalic groan is heard.

Arthur: Now what?

Jacob: Its the walkers.

We follow his line of sight to see that crowd has gathered at the side of the train the survivors entered and their combines numbers and mas is causing the car to start to shake and if this keeps up it will topple. The walker on the clear side are fortunatly moving to the opposite side to join the heard but one or two remain beind trying to get at the survivors.

Nathan: We nned to do something now, sooner or later the walkers are going to come to other side if the

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