The Better Qualities of Mercy is episode three of the Walking Dead: A Good Soldier series.


Three Weeks Later

Its early morning an we see the binochilar view of a trashed town with a few walkers mulling around.

Michael: Fewer of them today.

Pull back to see Michael a nineteen year old student and Monica a 21 year old trainee qsychatrist watching the walkers from the tower of a gothic Cathedral.

Monica: Guess they forgot about us huh?

They both laugh weekly and Monica heads back inside and we see the main part of the church has become a makeshift camp for 14 people. A few people are sitting around while others take stock of supplies. Two men Jacob and Arthur are listing to a radio.

Radio Voice: Reapeat all civilians are advised to head to Atlanta, there is safety and security....

Arthur: Bullshit! (he gets up irratated) the Goverment hasnt a god dam clue! Atlanta might has well be an all you can eat buffet.

Jacob: Well they probably have a better chance than we do here and Beth and Carly agree with me (he indicates two women who nod but dont get into the coversation.)

Arthur: Why do you think the walkers are leaving huh? there is nothing left for them to eat, give it a few more days we can get some fresh suplies maby even start fortafing the town like Ash sggested.

He notices Monica watching him.

Arthur: You agree with me Doc?

Monica shrugs looking around for somone

Monica: You seen Nathan anywhere?

Arthur: Outback, you better give him some more of those pills his nightmare are back and if he screams any louder them walkers are gonna remember where we are

We cut to outside where Nathan is sitting next to a small pond looking at his face in the grey water, his hair is messy and he has stuble. He looks calm but concerned has Monica appeares behind him.

Nathan: Hey whats up?

He moves to let her sit down. She smiles but watches him carfully waying up what she is about to say.

Monica: Have you noticed how Anton has been acting the last couple of days?

Nathan: He's on edge, we all are.

She shakes her head

Monica: He's been withdrawing into himself and when he dose talk its always about Judgement and when was the last time you saw him sleep or even eat?

Nathan sighs knowing where this is going and allready dose not like it

Nathan: Monica if you mean to tell me you think he's loseing it I will not argue but I am not getting involved with any power plays.

Monica: Nathan! He could become dangerous to himself to us!

She looks around to make her slightly raised voice has not drawn attention.

Nathan: He has got us this far and we cant afford to turn on each other because one of us starts acting a bit strange.

He gets up to go back inside and Monica gives him an annoyed look and decides to pull her trump card.

Monica: Your one to talk about strange behaviour.

He stops

Nathan: What are you getting at?

Monica: I kept quite because you seem like a decent guy but those nightmares you have are not exactly standard

He looks confused and grips his head slightly.

Nathan: I tolled you I dont dream, at least nothing I can remeber and besides I think nightmare are to be expected given are current situation.

Monica: (Raises an eye) Ok what about the other week when Ash got pissed and tried to beat the crap out of you?

Nathan: What about it, we worked it out.

Monica: Nathan you nearly killed the guy and the others may not have seen it but I saw the look in your eye when you were strangling him... you were fucking enjoying it! If Arthur and Michael had not pulled you off him you would have killed him.

She cant see Nathan's face but a look of real panic has crossed his face now and he is flashing slightly to other blackouts he has had since Sally died. He might ignore them but this is starting to confirm his fear there is something realy wrong with him.

Monica: Listen when things start and trust me they will you better make the right choices because I may be a trainee but I can make the group think your Jack the Ripper if I have to.

He turns

Nathan: You do that, and your worse than a walker....

The Cathedral bell suddenly starts wringing.

Nathan: What the....

Michael appeares from the door with a bloody lip. He out of breath

Michael: Its Anton... he's lost it... trying to bring in every walker in the area.

Monica gives Nathan an I tolled you so look has the three rush inside. We cut to outside where a small but still dangerous crowd of Walkers is gathering by the wall closest to the bell wringing. They cant get in the front thanks to the heavy oak door wich has been baricaded to be be safe. At the top of the tower we se Anton a mid tweenty's guy with a mad look in his eye watching the walkers with delight while he holds a shotgun at the crowd gathered trying to stop him. He turns to face them.

Anton: Its come our salvation we will be free of this Hell and will enter the paradise.

Joshua: Anton what the hell are you trying to do your gonna get us all killed?

Anton: Better a quick death than the agony of God's Judgement... and none of you will deny our salvation.

Nathan, Monica and Michael come up weapons in hand.

Anton: You have nothing to fear I'm setting us free.

He returns to wringing the bell with all his strength. The group is panicked now, they dont have the weapons or the skill to tackle a guy with a shotgun and he could really hurt or even kill one of them. Nathan looks at his gun and back at the madman. His head is starting to pound from the fear and stress and he backs away subconsioully fearing dropping another monster on top of this. There is a sound and he looks up and we see one of the survivors a guy named Adrian has managed to get behind Anton is trying to wrestle him to the ground but they are evenly matched. Everyone is still frozen with shock to do anything has Anton's foot catches on the bell and the moment of the struggle sends the two twords the window and through it.

Beth: Adrian!

Most of the group runs to the shattered window and its not a pretty sight that awaits them. Both men have broken one or two of their legs. The walkers have then cornered and the feeding frenzy has begun. Adrain is despratly batting the walkers away but its a loseing battle while Anton just screams has he is torn apart. A few look away while others are to horrified to move. Suddenly a single shot wrings out and Adrian slumps back dead from a headshot. The group turns to look at the shooter; Nathan or rather other Nathan lowering his gun and turning to head downstairs.

Other Nathan: We have to leave... out the back while their distracted, they know there's food here now.

Beth: You killed Adrian

She looks away from Other Nathan's glare and winces at the screams of the still living Anton

Other Nathan: He was allready dead.... Adrian didnt deserve to go out like that.

Monica: What about Anton?

Other Nathan gives her a matter of fact stare with a dark grin.

Other Nathan: He did not deserve my mercy