The Walking Dead: The Frozen Earth is a stand alone episode that deals with Nathan Holt's first winter in the apocalypse before meeting the survivors in Survival season 2.


We open on two walkers tracking something in the snow. Its not that deep but the walkers are strugling and are more slugish that useual. From the snow and frost we can see its the middle of winter. Everything is earily quite wich only magnifies the sounds of the walkers groans. Suddenly there is a loud cracking noise and we now switch to an upside down point of view and we see the walkers have been caught in a snare trap.

Other Nathan: Looks like its a two for one special.

He appeares from behind a nearby tree dressed in winter gear with two dead rabbits slung over his shoulder. The walkers snarl but thats all they can realy do has he approaches with a long hunting knife a murderous look in his eye.

Other Nathan: Now this will only hurt for a moment.

We next see him walking away the two walker corpses dangling from the tree he left them in. He trecks silently throught the snow relaxed but cautious of his suroundings has he picks up a few more traps and placeing the kills in a burlap sack that was once used to carry potatoes.

After filling the sack he trecks back through the snow and we can se the outline of a town in the distance.

Other Nathan: Home again home again.

He chuckles softly and aproaches a water tower on top of a building and approaches it. Inside the tower we see its been converted into a shelter of sorts with blankets pushed into various areas to keep the cold out. Other Nathan sits down in the centre where a small hand made spit sits and he takes out a roughly choped rabbit and puts it to one side while hanging the rest of the meet back outside in the cold to keep it fresh. Going back in he picks up a lighter and frowns at an object on the floor.

We pull back to see it a nosse that has been snapped.

Other Nathan: (annoyed) This shit is getting old now welp.

He tossess the nose under the spit and gets to work starting a fire.


Nathan jolts awake and look around bewildered before the realization he is still alive hits him. His eyes go wide with fear when he see's he has blood on his hands wich he can not rember getting there. His eyes catch sight of something in the fire light. On the other side of the tower his Other has left a message in the rabbit blood.


Nathan: It no good.... (getting angry) Ok  I get you win.

He kicks a nearby pile of supplies to the floor in frustration.

Nathan: Dosent matter how I do it your gonna take over and take my finger of the fucking trigger!

He breathes heavily trying to calm down incase his other wakes up. And slumps back down on the home made bed and sighs before pulling out his journal and starts writing. Nathan (v.o): It been nearly two months since I last had contact with another living person.... I'm starting to wonder if I'm the last person alive in the state.....

He pauses, hand shaking with repressed emotions and he continues writing.

Nathan (V.O): I know I cant risk being around other people with him around.... I dread to think what he would do to them if he really got worked up. Still this solitude is getting to me... I dont know how much more of it I can take.

He stops his writing getting a bit to depressing for his likeing and he exits the water tower down to the roof its on. Despite the fact the walkers can not climb he has fortified the base of the tower and the ladder to the ground floor has been pulled up to avoid any intruders. He walks down to the edge and watches a pair of walkers slowly slogging through the snow to a shop on the corner.

Nathan: What?

He pauses hearing a noise on the wind and takes out a pair of goggles and looks at the shop closer. We can see the door has been blown off and there is a shop bell still hanging in the door being

The only plus side is the cold has slowed the infected down making scavenging and dealing with them easier. He also takes time to "study" them remebering part of his training in the war was to "know the enemy". Noticing they react to sound and smell he learns the most effective stealth methods and coats his closthing in earth and other material to dampen his scent and hide in plain sight. He also makes crude noise devices to draw the infected out into the open.

The town he is hideing in is soon visited by a convey apprently run by Negan and his group. In actual fact Negan and his men have taken it over. They plan to use the place has a base for the winter and begin looting while a disgusted Nathan watches this and their treatment of the people in their "care". Nathan plans to leave but can until the weather improves for traveling on foot since most viechles in the area are either beyond use or are guarded by the convoy. One of Negan's men finds one of the noise devices and some dead walkers but thinks nothing of it; reasoning whoever did this is either dead or moved on. Durring a snowstorm Nathan sneeks into one of the shops to get supplies and is caught by one of the thugs who threatens him. Other Nathan takes over and kills the guy by slashing his throat with some broken glass.

The reanimated thug is found the next day and dealt with and Negan is furious somone is disrespecting him. He fires shots into an empty street trying to scare whoever's out their into showing themselves.