The Road to Revalation is the sixth episode in Walking Dead: A Good Soldier web series.


Tainted water and bandits decimate the group and the only means of survival for one former soldier is to become what he fears.


We open in an empty street in the dead of night. Its a moonless night and the wet ground shows its rained recently. A tabby cat once a pet now feral yowls in the dark at the sound of footsteps. We see a shadow illuminated by following torches both battery and flame.

Man: Get back here you bastard.

Man 2: Come on.... if you give up we can make this quick.

Laughter follows showing an obvious lie.

The shadow ducks around a corner, his face briefly illuminated in the torchlight showing a terrified, breathless Nathan.


We see the survivors camp, they are in a field with a clear looking stream running through the middle. It becomes clear though that something is very wrong. Many in the camp look sick and feverish, some have blankets wrapped around them and are tending to those who are in the worst shape. We see Nathan, Michael and Monica off to one side talking.

Nathan: And your sure it was the water.

Michael: Yeh.... Carly and I followed the creek up to an abandoned camp, there were army trucks and bodies everywhere.

Monica: (Sick but with grim realization) it was a dumping ground.

Michael: Shit.... dose that mean we... that we are infected?

Nathan: I don't think so.

Michael: (scared and angry) What suddenly your a doctor now.

Nathan: No... but I've seen..... I've seen what the infection can do and this is to quick.

Monica: So what now then....

Michael: Carly and I did not have time to look around their could be some medicene there we could use.

Nathan (turning to leave) I'll go.......

Cut Flashback' '

We are back in the present with Nathan hideing in the shadows looking for an opening to escape. Its quite and the sound of his persuers is in the distance. With a sigh of relief he starts to head onto the street, pauses for a second before starting again. A bang is heard and we see that he just avoided a sniper bullet that takes a chunk out of the wall where he was standing.

Sniper 2: You missed you ass.

We see two men on the roof nearby wearing night vision goggles but its clear from the beers and the way they are holding their weapons they are not professionals.

Sniper 1: Not my fault the little shit moved.

Sniper 2: Your fault he's still alive, me and Ricky had a bet going and now it looks like him and the ground boys are gonna collect.

Sniper 1: So what, its one guy against 16 of us what can he do Carlos?

Carlos: He can be a good boy and die.

Down on the street level Nathan is gripping his head trying to shake off the ringing in his ears from the shot but also from the oncoming headache.

Nathan: No.. not now.....

He can not finish his sentance before he starts laughing softly. His posture becomes relaxed loseing its frightened edge. Other Nathan looks up at the distant torches.

Other Nathan: Finally some fun.

He slips into the darkness pulling his knife from the strap on his leg.


We see Nathan and Michael returning to the camp with bags full of scavenged medicene from nearby. They quickly notice the came is a mess and everyone is missing.

Michael: Walkers?

Nathan (looking at tire tracks in the dirt) Not unless they know have to drive a stick.

We follow his line of sight to see a town in the distance.

End Flashback

Back in the town we see two of the bandits searching for Nathan.

Ricky: Se anything Bob?

Bob: No, coward's quick unless the walkers got to him.

Ricky: Well find the bastard, it would be a waste of good meat if the walkers get to him first.

The two split up unaware they are being watched.

Other Nathan: Party time.

He slips off behind Ricky, following from the shadows of the shops, almost casual in gate a smile like a demented jester on his face. Ricky feels someone is following him but turns to find no one.

Other Nathan: Your stance is all wrong.

Ricky whips around gun raised only to meet the glint of a knife biteing into his arm causing him to drop the gun.

Ricky: Your fucker ill.....

The click of the gun draws his attention and he see's Other Nathan holding the gun to his temple ecacutioner style.

Other Nathan: This is how you kill someone.

He shoots him withought a second thought. The blood splatters back on his face slightly. He pauses to remove a splatter looking at it like a man who just noticed it started raining.

Other Nathan: Just like the kid.


We see Nathan and Michael walking carefully through the abandoned streets in early evening. They are searching for any signs of the others. Michael: Nothing, maybe we should make camp for the night.

Nathan: Yeh, somewhere high though I don't want to be out in the open, walkers are one things but thugs like this are something else.

Michael: Tell me about I... wait isn't that Carly's....

He runs over to a door that has a jacket snagged in it.

Michael: Shit they must be inside.

He runs to the door not noticing the tripwire but Nathan dose.

Nathan: Michael don't!

But its to late the moment the door in opened the device on the other side is triggered, its not a large explosion but is sends Nathan back and into a nearby car. He look up winded and then horrified at the sight of the smoldering heap of flesh that was once a friend.

Nathan: Michael!

End Flashback

Bob: Ricky.....  you bastard.

Other Nathan turns slightly to se the man with a shotgun pointed at him.

Other Nathan: Come on then (he stands presenting himself like an easy target) take your best shot.

Bob readily complies shooting at the madman only for him to doge at the last second, he raises his own gun and fires twice, once in the arm and the next in the head sending the body to the floor.

Other Nathan: I love my work.

He turns and slips into the shadows again has a posse of seven men arrive armed to the teeth. They see the bodies.

Leader: Mother fucker.

He turns to the darkness trying to make out where Nathan could be hidden.

Leader: You want a war little shit.... Ill give you a fucking war.

For affect he fires into the darkness one bullet striker down a loan walker. His men cheer.

Other Nathan watches from the shadows with a sick little smile on his face. Has much as he would like to give the man what he wants even he isn't crazy enough to take on that many men with only a knife. He slips further into the darkness.

Other Nathan: Number one rule of warfare welp, we always pick our battles.


Night has fallen and a dusty, scared and bloody Nathan is watching the inside of an illuminated by torches. A group of rough looking men; the same who will be chaseing Nathan later sit around laughing and joking while going through the supplies they have looted. Thug 1: Such an easy score.

Thug 2: Yeh, I love it when they don't make such a huge fuss.

Thug 2: Shame those Bitches were all sick.... I would have love to have tapped that.

The mean roar with laughter while all Nathan can do is look on with sickening shock and anger. Thug 1: Still they had their uses though.

Thug 2: Your right there can never have to much walker bait.

From the window Nathan looks like he is about to barf at the whole thing

Thug 1: Yeh and its so much better when they squirm

Horror morphs to rage at that. Nathan momentarily forgets where he is and slams a fist into the metal in rage. He regets instantly and the thugs look up like wild dogs catching sight of him in the glass

Thug 2: Hey there someone out there.

Nathan bolts and the thugs give chase.

End Flashback

We see Other Nathan running down an alley and jumping through a broken window into an abandoned building. He pauses to catch his breath before opening the door. There is a groan on the other side and a shape weakly lunges at him.

Other Nathan: Fuck.... what have we got here?

Its a walker of someone who hung themselves or has been hung. With a faded white board tied to its body it might have been a looter or an unfortunate victim of them men who are now chaseing Nathan. Luckily for Other Nathan the creature is not very mobile in its current state so he avoided the attack.

Other Nathan: (A look of insane inspiration) Your my ticket out of here.

We see the leader of the thugs and a few of his men walking through the darkness looking for their target. Leader: Where are you, you little shit?!

A sound like a trash can falling draws their attention.

Leader: All right boys lets show this little shit who's boss.

The group charges in there desire to kill their foe robbing them of their caution. A mistake Other Nathan is more than happy to take advantage of. Other Nathan: Chow time

Before the men have time to spot there foe but their vision in blocked by the tumbling walker that Nathan releases from the rafters with a cut to the rope that was holding it up. There are screams but the madman is already gone, not bothering to look and saver the carnage.

Later we see a road out of the city and hear the sounds of ragged breath. We come upon the bloody form of Monica. She is propped next to a wrecked school bus and from the cuts and bites its clear she does not have long. The sound of footsteps draws her attention. She tenses weakly lifting a scavenged gun. Her hand drops weakly, energy spent. She finaly see's who it is and cant help a weak smile. Monica: Figures

We see Nathan or Other Nathan; is difficult to tell in the light and the grime covered appearance. He has managed to recover a few supplies for himself and stares at her impasivly. Then he moves to take the bag of his shoulder; to find something to tend to her wounds. Monica: No... (shows the bites) its already to late for me.

He stares in silence.

Monica: Michael?

Again he looks at her in silence a grim, resigned look on his face.

Monica: I think... I think I was wrong about y.....

She breaks down into a fit of coughing.

Monica: Just tell me.... those asshole wont be a problem anymore.

He just shrugs and she understands in this world people like that are going to be a common problem until this is sorted and possibly always. He turns to leave.

Monica: Please.....

He looks at her the faintest hint of confusion on his face.

Monica: Please.... I don't want.....

A bang fills the air and we see Monica has been shot in the head. Nathan lowers the gun and from the tears we see it his him and not his other.

Nathan: Sorry Monica

He quickly heads off knowing the shot will draw attention.