The Walking Dead: The Roots of Decay is a prequel to the Walking Dead the Survival. It will tell the story of what each charecter was doing at the start of the Apocalypse and their first encounter with the Walkers. It will include current and past charecters.


"Nobody saw it coming but we all remember where we were when it started, how the chaos spred throught the citys faster than even the virus, how the dead roase to devour the living"

Each chapter will chronicle a dirrent charecter at the star of the plague and their interactions with the Walkers.


Episode 1: DriveEdit

In episode one we see how the drive to win becomes the drive for survival as Mia Tores must escape a vehicle of the damned.

Episode 2: SuccubusEdit

A simple night out with a lover may turn out to be Tamara´s last night on earth.

Episode 3: Hide and SeekEdit

A simple children's game turns into a nightmare for Corey and his friends.

Episode 4: End of TermEdit

Another day in school for loner Ryder turns into a disaster that threatens to consume the entire student body.

Episode 5: Shift EndEdit

The of a working day is the start of a nightmare for one father and its set to end in blood and tears.

Episode 6: Nuts to thisEdit

When the world's ending around you suddenly being crazy does not seam like a bad thing. Can a former mental patient escape?

Episode 7: PreyEdit

Faith is a strange and easily shattered thing. How will Moe survive the birth of a world of horror with his life and faith intact.

Episode 8: Bad TripEdit

A night of clubbing turns deadly serious for Slade.

Episode 9: Bars (Four Walls)Edit

Karina seems to have an average day on prison, until it all suddenly changes and it´s the survival of the fittest.

Episode 10: The Long HaulEdit

The end of a fishing trip marks the start of the end for one fisherman has he and his shipmates watch the fall from offshore.

Episode 11: GravediggerEdit

A growing group led by a future madman finds a powerhouse in a broken man who digs in a world overflowing with the dead.

Episode 12: PoisonEdit

Struggling to puit the demons of the past to rest one man will find the only way to survive the world's new horrors may be to sucumb to the madness within.