Walking Death: Death in the Family is the first episode of the Walking Dead: A Good Soldier web series.


Hideing out in their apartment at the start of the Apocalypse a former soldier struggles to find aid for his ailing fiancé..


We open on the streets of a town somewhere a little way out from Atlanta. Is absolute chaos; crashed cars, dead and undead and the fire off cries of humans and walkers mixed in with the occasional gun shot. We go up to a boarded up apartment window on the ninth floor of a building. Through the small gap we can se a figure hunched over on the sofa. From the flickering of a candle we can see the power went out some time ago.

Nathan: Come on.... pick up... pick up.

This Nathan Holt. He is dressed in dark jeans, a black top, army boots and has a gun strapped to his thigh. His face is haggered from worry and a lack of sleep and annoyance has he waits for the person on the other end of the phone to answer. All he gets is the answering machine.

Automated women's voice: Due to emergency conditions all line are currently engaged, we thank you for your co-operation and we will...

Nathan: Fuck it.

He tosses the cordless to the ground sending it clattering across the room and to a stop on a blue carpet stained with streaks of blood. A groan gets his attention and he hitches his breath at his mistake, Drawing his gun he creeps to the barricaded door and peers through the keyhole. We see a bloated walker that was once a bin man has stopped by the door, its heard the noise but can not pinpoint it. Its cloudy eyes come to the peephole and human and walker are staring each other down. Nathan is holding his breath, gun drawn and sweat pouring down his face.

Nathan (Whispering): Its not a person, its dead already.

Suddenly the noise of people down the hall followed by a scream and gunshots down the hall draws the walker's attention and it lumbers off. Nathan sighs in relief and quietly goes to retrieve the phone. he then moves to the window sill of the borded window. There is a small gap and he looks out has he tries the phone again.

Nathan: Please.... someone answer this time.

He looks briefly to the bedroom door the faint sound of labored breathing can be heard from within. He looks back outside and the chaos and winces in pain from a headache. For a brief moment in his mind the image outside flickers and we instead se a dusty war zone in an Iraq village. Bloody bullet ridden corpses and injured people replace the civilans and walkers.

Nathan: Shit.

He puts the phone down again and heads to the bathroom quickly and quietly has possible and retrieve a small tablet bottle. We briefly catch a glimpse of the label; Propranolol, a PTSD disorder medication. The bottle is nearly empty. Nathan hesitates before taking a tablet out and swallowing it quickly.

Nathan: How much longer?

He heads back to the window and sighs in mock relief the flashback is gone but the sight outside is still not a pretty one. He is about to reach for the phone again when the sound of something being knocked off a table cataches his attention.

Nathan: Sally!

He gets up and heads into the bedroom. We see its windows boarded up to and several supplies and first aid kits strewn about. In the bed is a you woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes. This is Sally Owens; Nathan's fiancé. If it wasn't for the fever she would look quite pretty. The bandage on her arm shows the obvious cause of her sickness. A walker bite.

Nathan: Hey you should be resting

Sally(weakly and slightly delirious): Thirsty.

Nathan nods and pours some water from a pitcher on the dresser before going and helping her drink it. While she drinks he puts a hand to her head. His face betrays his worry.

Nathan: Jesus Sally! your skin's on fire.

Sally: I'm cold, please another blanket.

Nathan: I....

Its obvious that her condition is going well beyond what he can do to help. That and other things are also troubleing him now. Sally despite her predicament can se it.

Sally: What is it:

Nathan: Sally is nothing... just try and rest i'll try and get through to the hospital again.

He turns to leave and we se his left arm is trembling slightly wich he only just gets back under control. Sally knows what it means and sighs weakly with defeated.

Sally: Your running low.

He turns slightly.

Nathan: I... 16 now....

Sally: Nathan its ok... the medicine (she breaks into a coughing fit) its just part of healing, you've been doing great these past few months.

Nathan:(Laughs weakly) Yeh then the shit hit the fan.

He returns to sit on the bedside head down and cradling his gun.

Sally: Nathan? your not....

Nathan looks up at her alarmed at what she was thinking.

Nathan: Sally? How could you think.... its other people and this thing I'm worried about not what I could do to myself with it.

He looks away, shaking and ashamed of the past. Sally manages to prop herself up in bed and reaches over to confort him but nearly falls on top of him due to her condition.

Nathan: Sally....

Sally: Nathan.... what happed out there was an accident, you couldn't have known that the brass was going to screw up.

She breaks into another fit of coughing and is shaking pretty badly.

Nathan: Sally, you need to rest now...

He helps her back into the middle of the bed and puts the blankets over her. He also fetches a wet towel to put on her head.

Nathan: Ill try the hos....

He notices she seems to have fallen asleep and smiles weakly heading to the door. Has he leaves we zoom back on Sally's weak breathing wich stops and her body becomes still.

In the sitting room Nathan is pacing phone to his ear in one hand and gun in the other. He looks at the gun like it might turn and bite him.

Nathan: Come on... please pick up.

Elsewhere in a ramshackle hospital; the hospital that Rick currently resides in a bloodstained nurse manages to reach the phone. We briefly Shane in the background and hear soldiers fireing guns and realize the Hospital has been breached. Nurse: Hello...

Nathan: Thank god... listen my fiancé's sick she's..... Gunfire echos in the background in the hospital followed by the groans of walkers getting closer and the nurse is frightened but stays on the line.

Nurse: Ok sir remain calm, please state the nature of the injury.

Nathan: She's been bit... it was.. I don't know what else I can do for her.

Nurse: Sir you have to... put....

A scream comes down the phone causing Nathan to pull away in shock. We see in the hospital several walkers tearing into the woman's body. Nathan can only listen to gory sound for a second or to before putting the phone down. He dose no see the figure behind him in the doorway. But audience see's the eye of a newly turned walker. The creature begins to advance.