Birth of Madness is the second episode of the Walking Dead A Good Soldier. It picks up where episode one left off.


Nathan is staring at the standing Sally has he slowly puts the phone down. Her hair is covering her face so we cannot tell if she is still her self. She looks around as if in a daze.

Nathan: Sally?

Her head tilts in his direction and we se the glassy eyes of a walker but Nathan dosent.

Nathan: Come on lets get you back to bed, ill try a diffrent hospital again in a...

Sally moves forward shifting her hair so now Nathan can se the newly transformed face of a walker.

Nathan: No

Withought thinking he raises his gun pointing it at Sally but not fireing at her. His common sense is screaming at him that this is no longer his fiance but he cant bring himself to open fire. He winces at an oncomeing headache but dose not lower his weapon though his hand is shaking and he can hear the sounds of combat in the background; memories of the war trying to surface. The walker starts to approach, its movements slow and jerky.

Nathan (strained and pleading) Sally please. I know your still in there... its me Nathan... try to remember.

Sally: Uhhach

The walker pauses for a moment reguarding him; the faintest level of recolection crossing its pale features.

Nathan: Yes thats it... remember we were going to get married... start a family.

The walker's face twists into a snarl has hunger erases the last vestiges of humanity.

Nathan: Sally?

The walker lunges to attack arms outsretched mouth dripping with saliva.

Nathan: Sally dont!

The bang of a gun echoes and we see the heads of walkers outside the appartment building and in the corridors turn to the source of the noise and begin to approach. We go back into the appartment to see Sally's walker slump to the ground a bullet hole between the eyes smoking. Nathan's face is a mask of cold focus; his military training haveing taken over on instinct. He blinks as if coming out of a daze and realization his him like a sledge hammer.

Nathan: No....NO!

He gose over to the falling body catching it at the last second. The sound of walkers banging on the barcaded door can be heard and we realise the door is not going to hold out for long. Nathan either dosent notice or dose not care and is cradleing Sally's corpse with one hand while his other gripts the side of his head in pain and loss.

Nathan: God I didnt mean it.... please I'm sorry....I....

He gasps in pain leting go of the corpse has the mother of all headaches slams him with fall force. Images of the past collide with the memory of what he has just done. We se flashes of the violence and horor of war; explosions, soldiers and civilians bloody and injurered and corpses of villagers cut up by explosions and gunfire. Nathan has curled up in a fetal position trying to block out the memories and the sound of the banging on the door. In his minds eye we see a villiage full of bodies of cilvillians and Nathan in full combat gear looking at the massacre in sheer horror dropping his smoking gun and screaming in shock and rage at what he has done. The memory fades to black to the sound of shatering glass.

We close up on Nathan's shoot open has he lets out a sharp breath of air like a person who has just come up for air. He gets up into a sitiing position and we can see that a change has come over him; his once panicked and distraught features are now deathly calm and their is a dangerous look in his eye. This is Other Nathan. He gets up ignoring Sally's corpse and looks at the strainig baricaded door.

Other Nathan: Thats a problem.

His voice is controlled and colder than Nathan's has he walks into the kitchen area of the appartment and we quickly se he is gathering supplies. We get a few shots of him filling a back pack with clothing, food and amo before putting on a jacket and gloves. He gose back into the main part of the appartment holding Nathan's medicene bottle in hand.

Other Nathan: Wont be needing anymore this stuff.

He washes the bottle's contents down the drain with a smirk.

Other Nathan: Waste of money anyway.

He looks down at Sally's corpse only now noticing it. His face is unreadable has he picks her up and takes her into the bedroom and puts her back to bet so it looks like she could be sleeping. He gose to move the dresser from the window and turns to look at the corpse one last time has he works.

Other Nathan: Wish me luck babe.

The corpse is silent but the sound of a groan and a weak thump on the window draws his attention. We se a walker pressed against the window.

Other Nathan: Oh hello Joe was wondering what happened to you.

There is a crack has one of the baricades on the door gives way. It wont hold much longer.

Other Nathan: Joe id love to stay and chat but your in my way so..... (he shoot the walker in the head shattering the glass in the prosess.) Goodbye.

He smashes the remaining glass and hops through the window on to the fire escape and takes in the view of the carnage in the city. before going down the fire escape has the door finaky gives was has walkers spill into the room. They dont see him but lunge around looking for a food. One of them knocks over a table with a picture of a smileing Nathan and Sally on it wich is then trampled by the walkers.